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FrustratedFury writes: SNK knows their fighting games. They should. They’ve been making them for over 15 years. The biggest franchise in their fighting game arsenal is The King of Fighters series. Most know that KoF is a crossover game featuring characters from all the SNK games. Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown, Ikari Warriors, and many other games lend their characters for the big fighting game.

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riskbreaker762519d ago

one of the best in the series. this one, like many early SNK fighters, had massive damage combos, re-dizzies and unlimited supers once you were critical. matches were crazy and could end real fast if you slip up. skip 94 and the woeful, stereotypical USA team. this is the classic KoF to get.

FrustratedFury2519d ago

I agree. '95 is fantastic. Plus, with the amazing net code that comes with the NeoGeo Station, the online is incredible. Although, I do have to say, I really wish the giant roster of KoF '98 was in here.