Coop removes video games from sortiment in Norway

One of the leading supermarket chains in Scandinavia has chosen to remove a total of 51 games, including Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, from their sortiment after the recent attacks in Norway.

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Kran2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

The guy who killed 76 people played these game -


That aint going to do hardly anything. Has nobody ever heard of buying online?

potedude2574d ago

Knee-jerk reaction. That's what major chains do to look like they are actually a group who cares. Whilst it is terrible what happened in Norway, the guy would have done it had he played those games or not. He was a nutter...

sphinct2573d ago

Stupid anyway you look at it. Games don't kill people....people kill people. Now lets ban every book he ever read, every show he watched on TV, and the color of paint on the walls in his house. Then we will all be safe, right?

Grip2573d ago

it's just sad when he kills 91 ppl they blame Video games but not the Bible or himself but when muslim kill ppl they blame Quran.. when the Quran say don't kill Innocent..

SilentNegotiator2573d ago

I hear this guy played a round of golf once. And drank a glass of milk.

We should probably pile up all of the cows like they have mad cow disease and burn them on the driving ranges.

seinfan2573d ago

Did you know the guy exists? Existence promotes terrorism.

NukaCola2573d ago

We are bowling for Columbine here. You can just blame video games for the evil choices of humans.

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JellyJelly2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I bet he read books and watched movies as well. Nothing media showed any interest in though, since it's considered more high brow.

DarkTower8052573d ago

Yup, a book will always have a greater impact on the mind than other forms of media. That's why people study what books serial killers have read.

Grip2573d ago

he is anti-muslim.. he is Racist they should put the blame on him not on Video games nor the Bible..

Silly Mammo2573d ago

Instead of getting rid of video games, how about getting rid of religion, history books about the Crusades and Templars; and some of these right-wing white, extremist groups? Oh wait! That would be infringing on the rights of Norwegian citizens. Better just get rid of video games.

Boletarian2573d ago

I wrote yesterday in a post that I think it's wrong that people are looking to blame something other than the guy who actually did it. Those people are extremely different from this guy. They think all humans are essentially good but are corrupted by something. They're trying to understand what caused this man to do what he did. I personally think that he is 100 percent responsible for what he did and nothing else is to blame - not video games, not religion, not books, not politics, not even the way he was raised.

Anyone who can pick up a gun and kill 80 or so people is not a man worth understanding. Put him down like the rabid dog he is and move on with your day.

snipes1012573d ago

Saw a totally ill conceived, knee jerk, accusatory response to this coming a mile away. The guy was a maniac. The fact that he said he could get any kind of effective training from a COD game is laughable.

Have someone from the military play the game and they'll be quick to inform you that, no your health does not regenerate when you get shot 5 times by and assault rifle and that no, you can't sprint all over hell for extended periods in full combat gear.

Goddamn people outside of the video game world can do such stupid things.

subtenko2572d ago

People should message the people who did this and show them how ignorant and dumb they are for doing this. People shouldnt get away with ignorance, inform them! Let them know that this is BS.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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belal2573d ago

what!?! lol i am from norway but this is silly lol....

MasterD9192573d ago

Its ridiculous to let other people decide what you can and cannot play.

Thats why they can't pull this b.s. here.

Hockeydud192573d ago

I love how governments control. I mean their just people just like everyone else. Why should they make descision for everyone else.

vortis2573d ago

Um, because they were elected to do so. The purpose of a Government is to oversee and protect the people that elected them to do so.

If people weren't generally retarded they would be able to take care of themselves. But since most people are retarded (selfish, ignorant, fools) they need Governments to make stupid decisions for them.

Ares842573d ago

Hey I think they should ban food and water and clothes as well because I'm pretty sure that the killer ate, drink and wore clothes.

What an idiotic thing to do. Just goes to show how backwards people really are.

Kee2573d ago

Haha. That's ridiculous.

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