Kaz Hirai on PS3 BC, Losing Monster Hunter 3 and More

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu features an in-depth interview with Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO, Kaz Hirai, the man who replaced Ken Kutaragi only two weeks after the launch of PlayStation 3 last year. As the PS3 moves into its most important holiday season yet, the Japanese publication addressed some concerns and raised questions about the PlayStation platform's future.

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angel6044052d ago

i would think next year would be playstations most important holiday yet, since all the heavy hitters are coming out in 2008

shmee4052d ago

The biggest game of this generation FF13 will be out.

FF13 might sell more than what x360 wll sell in its lifetime in EU and JAPAN

I predict 20 m FF13 in JAPAN,EU and NA.

MGS4, KZ2, GOW 3, WKS ----OMG that cannot be countered

all those games except KZ2 will be million sellers in JAPAN .

The 40 gig will turn the tides for ps3 in JAPAN when it is launched next week on 11/11

CrazzyMan4052d ago

GoW 3 won`t be, gow and gow 2 sold in japan less then 50k as far as ia remember.

Ratchet while it`s a great game, sold only 150k in first 2 weeks, i have hope for Christmas, because this game will be a perfect gift for 12-16 years old kids, and good game for other gamers.
HS and Lair could do much better.

If Uncharted won`t make over 500k by the end of 2007 in usa, then i don`t have a big faith in these AAA titles.
Super mario Galaxy made only 250k in first week, that really sux.

time will show, though, i think, any jrpg lover will buy FFXIII, because this game will be all what we wanted since FFVII, a game which look like CGI. =)
KZ2 with great advertising, could be another geow, but that is only in autumn 2008.
MGS4.. i hope, it will make over 500k in first week. =)

GT5, well, GT5:prologue should show, what to expect on GT5. =]

Anyway, ps3 will be a best console for gaming in next 5 years. This just how meant to be. =)

Skerj4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I'm glad they delayed Home if Kaz wasn't even happy with it, I hope they're working hard to at least deliver all of the features that have been in the trailers on launch. I'm still holding out on Monster Hunter for PS3 because I don't think Capcom ever stopped development on it. 2007 is going down good in the games section and 2008 looks to be even better.


The phantom disagreers strike again, at least man up and say why.

Real gamer 4 life4052d ago

Maybe sony should give the father of playstation a call ken kutaragi and ask him tocome back cause this guy right now suck.

Solotov4052d ago

Sony will never have him back. Ken Kutaragi can't run a lemonade stand

jackdoe4052d ago

Agreed. Ken Kutaragi single handedly destroyed Sony's image.

m91058264052d ago

While he may be losing it a little, you have to give props where they're due. Kutaragi made console gaming what it is today.

Danja4052d ago

I'll have to disagree with ur statement about Ken Kutaragi..the man is a genious do you consider the PS3...a failure he created one of the best desgined consoled ever 'PS3"..he basically evolved the console market ...

Ne ways the PS3 has had a better 1st year than 360 every way..and the PS3...will own 2008...

Real gamer 4 life4052d ago

Well ken kutaragi led playstation platform to two generation of victory, this guy is a noob he dont know what he is doing. And also ken kutaragi is the father of playstation

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The story is too old to be commented.