Mass Effect 3: 'Fundamental Kinect Integration Not Possible' - BioWare

NowGamer: More Kinect features for Mass Effect 3 Xbox would have required a complete redesign says Exec Producer Casey Hudson

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Wizziokid2611d ago

yeah basically all the could do is the voice control... I'm pretty sure that would have been possible with a headset?

potedude2611d ago

Kinect integration? I think it would be simpler to do the thing with a controller. It is using tech for techs sake. To make people think what they bought was a worthy investment...

Wizziokid2611d ago

agree 100% it's actually quicker to press a button than say the sentence anyway

edhe2611d ago

Simple answer:
Present API/library of code.

Otherwise they'd have to code their own voice recognition, but now with connect the 360 will do it for you 'for free'

VINNIEPAZ2611d ago

And here we go again with gamers just having to put negative spin on everything. Just because it can be done with a headset doesn't mean everyone wants to wear one while playing. Just because a button press is faster doesn't mean some people don't want to say the lines. I don't play ME, but my girl does and while she is playing she basically say the lines out loud anyway (yea she gets into the games that much). At least this stuff is not being forced on you and you still bitch you are given more options. Jesus..

Just_The_Truth2611d ago

@EDHE think about it for a minute do you honestly believe kinect has the software and voice library built inside the machine? Sorry but no the library is on the xbox the kinect is just a mic. Everything that can be done with kinect can be done with a mic and if you don't believe the CEO or whatever he is said it himself on the E3 gamespot interview

gamingdroid2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

When playing ME, I have found it rather difficult to aim and shoot for instance while trying to direct my squad members. Most of the time, that means they aren't getting directed. With Kinect voice control, I get another dimension of input that doesn't interfere with what I'm doing with the controller. That is win, win, win!

...and if you don't like, you don't have to use it, don't have to buy Kinect and can leave it alone. What a concept, something optional?!

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kingdoms2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Kinect allows voice without a headset.

Besides the work or extra processing that makes these features possible are done by kinect processor and not by the consoles. Hahaha if ps3 had voice the game would take a hit due to ps3 having to process more on the console effecting performance or visuals. With kinect these things are already built in. The devs for this game have said this.

Can't believe fanboys are still crying over this plus we already knew the extent of kinect integration when they announced this. Lmao.

Gamers voted 360 kinect hybrid games and especially ME3 as the most anticipated things in the E3 polling done by G4 and that official E3 polling company I forgot the name of.

Arthas2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Kinect uses the 360s processor.

Just_The_Truth2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Check out the singstar
and no kinect doesn't have it's own processor.

@ any disagrees are you saying the ps3 can't do voice commands and that kinect has it's own processor or are you just disagreeing because you can't handle the truth?

gamingdroid2611d ago

The raw data is processed by the Kinect into a format that is suitable for the Xbox 360 to do further matching.

2610d ago
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Septic2611d ago

It would have been great if you could lift enemies with biotics with Kinect and slam them where you want.

skyward2611d ago

You could argue that speaking the line is more immersive but... doesn't quite work well enough yet

SLLCKGT2611d ago

"A total and fundamental integration of Kinect would really require us to design a game from the ground up specifically for that experience, and with the 3rd title in a series it wasn’t the time to re-invent how people play our game," Hudson explained. "But we did see the voice control as a definite value-add, and with Kinect it’s relatively easy for us to implement."

in other words, we couldn't care less about this gimmick so we just threw in something to shut Microsoft up.

Arthas2611d ago

Hey Kinect... Everyone is laughing at you!

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