Massacre in new Kane & Lynch gameplay video

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is planned to release on November 23. In the new Garden Massacre Gameplay Video they took the bloody path. Hosted on Dutch gaming website and ready to stream!

Hit the link to watch the video

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Kleptic3691d ago

this is a PS2 game right?...and I am only partially kidding...looks like dump...

ThichQuangDuck3691d ago

In some trailers it looks really good and in some it looks like crap

angel6043691d ago

it was leaning towards getting army of two over this but since that got delayed ill probably ask for this at Christmas time

Excalibur3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Same robotic movement and models by all the bad guys.
The more vids I see on this game the less I would even pick it up at a discount bin.
Shame on the devs that put crap like this out when we have next gen consoles out.