GTA V Rumours Roundup

NowGamer - GTA V will be coming, it's inevitable. So to help get you excited here are all the rumours, tips and details that we know, all in one place.

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davidmccue2612d ago

Dont want rumors, need facts.

EazyC2610d ago

I'm beginning to think we won't see it until the next gen.

subtenko2610d ago

What Im thinking is they are saving the game "Agent" on ps3 for next gen (ps4) and they are giving us all gta5 now to keep us occupied.

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DiScOPiMp2610d ago

I'd prefer them to use GTA5 as a launch title for next gen consoles, as current hardware is maxed out and won't do this game justice....

SITH2610d ago

I hope this game is not released until next gen.

DeadIIIRed2610d ago

I hope its not a Hollywood setting. Give us somewhere new or take us back to 1960's London.

BlmThug2610d ago

If GTA is not announced this year then my excitement for it will drop massively mainly because SR3 will keep me entertained

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