The Rock Will Eventually Be Released As DLC For WWE '12

THQ announced that none other than The Rock will be this year's pre-order incentive for WWE '12. Gamers who don't pre-order don't have to worry as he'll be featured as DLC.

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Jellzy2546d ago


Unreal, he's one of the shows most prolific entertainers yet he isn't in the game as standard? Madness.

If you really have to do DLC at all then at least keep it to ex-wrestlers and legends... Oh wait you've already milked the franchise and released games containing them.

NuclearDuke2546d ago

How can you complain about a game that has been relaunched with updates graphcis and mechanics twelve times? The game is terrible, end of discussion. Either you like WWE or you don't. Crying won't help as they won't give a shit :) sorry to say it!

optimus2546d ago

Uh it's because he's not a full time wrestler, if at all. I would be surprised if stone cold and edge were in it as standard general I don't see the difference between this and the download incentives you would get when pre-ordering games like halo, call of duty, metal gear, etc. They all give you guns and gear that could have very well been hidden in the game...but why hide something that they know people will pay for? That's the nature of the business these days.

kesvalk2546d ago

i get really angry when devs announce dlc before the game is out...

Perjoss2546d ago

you know you've made it in life when people all around the world can digitally download you straight into their living room / lounge!

death2smoochie2546d ago

Welcome to the world of DLC folks.
This generation of gaming has brought us DLC and micro-transactions to levels never before seen.