New Tales of Graces screenshots

Namco Bandai Games released new screenshots of Tales of Graces for the PS3.

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Cloudberry2545d ago

I thought the screen-shots would be in English already...

Why is it still in Japanese?

tiffac2545d ago

Yeah why is that?! We need to know whats happening with the localization [email protected]! lol!

Inception2545d ago

it's namdai and they always messed up with localization process -_-

Stunt2545d ago

These screenshots are not new. These were all release on May 5, 2011 during Namdai's Level Up press event in Dubai, right around when the localization was first announced.

CrescentFang2545d ago

^ That explains everything... Dear lord I'm getting a cancellation feeling :(
How long has it been? No updates since it's announcement (when was that? March?)

StarWolf2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

i didnt like Tales of V. (too easy, but good story) .hmm i guess im a turn-based rpg type of guy.