Infinity Ward reiterates no concern over other games - "we're used to competition"

Infinity Ward are not concerned with the competition this holiday season even though it's going to be a crowded market.

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Kran2547d ago

Yeah, and for some reason, you seem to win when there are better games ¬¬

ATi_Elite2547d ago

COD does what COD does best and that's be COD.

The series has no real competition and if you think Battlefield 3 is COD competition well son your seriously mistaken.

Battlefield 3 is in it's own league and actually getting to the point that it may start to compete with the Arma series...kinda.

But BF3 and COD are entirely two total different experiences.

COD = Hollywood script shooter
BF3 = Total team warfare

Ducky2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

BF3 is no where near the Arma series...

If the alpha is anything to go by, it pretty much is a bigger version of MoH.

EA/DICE are clearly aiming for CoD's market, so it seems they consider the experiences to be comparable.

JokesOnYou2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Yeah, Ive said the same in past comments, Im no kid and I prefer COD. MW3 has earned its place at the top for its acessible, but varied gameplay, its easy to play but skill takes time, gamers like it....certainly arent going to stop just because the elite n4g says they know whats best for the rest of us gamers all over the world, hell why dont we just hand over my paycheck, let you guys buy whats best for us. Ok, a lil too dramatic, but thats sort of how many here sound.

lol, n4g is like an alternate reality, I visit several gaming stores in my local area weekly, talk to employees, fellow gamers, and friends, I wouldnt say they ALL, love COD series, but I swear its only n4g/BF3 diehards who Ive ever heard say it sucks seriously think its garbage, fact is most I know prefer it more than the competition, like me, most arent kids. I play the game quite, often, havent played BF in a long time, sold it but COD isnt easier, I did well in BF, just dont like it much, the reason I stick to COD is because its more fast pace, more action focused on shooting your enemy, strategy shooters have their place, I just feel both games are so similiar so I choose the one with the better gameplay *imo.

BattleAxe2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

This year is a bit different, because releasing in November along side MW3 is Uncharted 3, The Metal Gear Solid Collection, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, HALO: Combat Evoled Remake, Forza 4 and Saint's Row 3. And then of course theres Resistance 3 and Gears of War 3 in September, and BatMan: Arkam City, Rage and BF3 in October.

For me personally, I've already preordered Resistance 3 and I will be pre-ordering Uncharted 3 also. I'm more interested in Battlefield3 than MW3, but I haven't decided what I want to do regarding the whole Steam/Origin debacle. If MW3 dominates over all these games I just listed, then there is no hope for gaming, but fortunately I think MW3 is going to have a tougher time this year as opposed to the last 3 years..

trainsinrdr2547d ago

Ima pwn some n00bs wif my 360 no scope skilz soon.

Ezio20482547d ago

evry1 knows whch game wil sell most this year!!!
hope it turns gud in quality 2....:-((

Septic2547d ago

This turf belongs to Battlefield and with Battlefield 3, DICE are not going to stop short of hammering the nail in the coffin as hard as possible.

guitarded772547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

It's kind of a catch 22... I prefer Battlefield, but if all the CoD players come over to Battlefield, then the games will be full of 12 year olds calling me the N bomb and retards who think a capture the flag match is actually team deathmatch. I want DICE to do well in sales, but I don't want the migratory turds that come with it.

Inside_out2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

It's nice and refreshing to hear a dev tell it like it is. The COD path is littered with wannabe devs, games, delusional fanboys and in the case of EA, PUBS, that try and scam their way into the number one spot...COD, the peoples champ, always rises to the top.

@ only coffin that will be nailed shut will be EA-Dices's parasite Battlefield game. You as well as other delusional fanboys missed the COD train, the one that knock all those silly " look ma, I snipe from the spawn " games right off the track. Millions and millions of gamers have spoken...I hope your still around in November when you will see how many kids trade in Battlefield 3 for the undeniable peoples champ, many years running...COD MW3.

btw...It's great to see guys like Jason and Vince capicola claim poor when Activision had agreed to pay them 18 MILLION each for their 2 years of participation in MW2...poor guys. 18 mil each wasn't enough tho, they wanted to go to EA and take the franchise with them. The rest of IW will share in a pool set up by the GREAT Activision for 84 million...that's 800,000 each employee plus salary for working 2 years. Damn, that Activision is a greedy bunch huh...O_o

death2smoochie2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

"I hope your still around in November when you will see how many kids trade in Battlefield 3"

You nailed it...."KIDS"

The irony is KIDS won't even buy BF3 as the game actually requires skill to play unlike COD games.
It's the reason you have 7 year old children playing COD and how Activision made the game to suit them.
You can keep your dated gameplay and game engine and Aim Assist.
Let the grown ups play BF3.

And Inside_Out...
Don't you get tired of trolling EVERY SINGLE BF3 or COD thread claiming COD is God? You went:

NatureOfLogic2547d ago

Funny thing is, I got sick of BFBC2, I got bored with winning all the time, so I started playing COD where every time I run around a corner I got shot in the face. COD is more for me, In black ops I like fighting my way out of spawn traps, I find it fun and challenging.

MysticStrummer2547d ago

Missed the CoD train? I dove off while it was moving just to get away. You and the kids have fun with your casual shooter, just don't pretend it's anything other than a casual friendly shooter, hence more sales.

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