Infinity Ward on the 'natural progression' of Call of Duty franchise development

Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling talks a bit about the call of duty franchise and why the popular zombies modes are not available in modern warfare games.

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Ezio20482550d ago

al cod "haters" wnt tht the series gets bck 2 its original gameplay(MW1) wid better graphics, balanced onlyn multiplyr and NO GLITCHES AT ALL.....thumbs up if u agree guys!
plz add sumthng if u guys thnk whch needs 2 b mentioned....

Kee2550d ago

Yes, I agree, but learn to spell, my good man. Unless english isn't your primary language in which case, I apologise.

Blacktric2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

His incompetence has nothing to do with his writing skills. He is obviously just lazy. And Modern Warfare 3 will not be as good as Call Of Duty 4. That's like a fact. Look at Infinity Ward's last game, Modern Warfare 2. Perks and killstreaks were unbalanced as f*ck (Marathon-Lightweight-Commando and Scavenger-Danger Close-Sit Rep are the prime examples of unbalanced perks while Pave Low and Chopper Gunner are overpowered killstreaks). And that game was made before West and Zampella left the company. They should just get their sh*t together, swallow their pride and learn couple of things from Treyarch when it comes to balancing killstreaks and perks and support their damn game after launch to prevent those petty hackers.

MidnytRain2550d ago

Ha! The joke's on you! The "E" in "English" should be capitalized!

fooxy2550d ago

I'm not sure what system are you referring to but x360 version is hacked to death ! People running around with unlimited grenade launchers and instant kill streaks, 2 bad IW support is a fucking complete joke but I guess that's due to Activision

DtotheRoc2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

yeah stopping power and sleight of hand in the same tier was a huge balancing issue fix right there; having both at the same time was a garbage idea. remove pro versions of the perks and just make those each indiviual perks so that you have more variety and less OP perks. put some fuckin recoil/muzzle climb on the weapons all ready. bring back lobbies with admins on pc who kick cheaters/glitchers or noob-tubers. hell just remove the .203 anyway for that matter. remove lunging/stabbing. make melee a knife swipe only so that you basically have to be touching the player. more bolt-action rifles. cod 4 had to the r700 and m40a3 only game to have more more than one. for this game i hope they bring back the cheytek as well as the m40 and even add a new one if they got something else up their sleaves. finaly spawn trapping is a nono...make it so that originally evryone spawns in one place but then move the spawns repeatedly and no spawning on a teammate. i hate when you're trying to shoot down a chopper they can't see you but they can see the idiot that just spawned next to you and end up killing you both. OH hell just get rid of controllable killstreaks and OP ones like attack dogs or make them more difficult to get. bring back crash from cod4 best map ever and i'd also like to see them bring back backdraft i thikn it was called with allthe russian apartment buildings.

Inside_out2550d ago

I agree it should be left as a Treyarch COD feature. Spec ops will work in the same way all tho I'm surprised they don't want to up the player count to 4 as opposed to 2 player. 4 player or even 6-8 player defend type of firefight/horde modes are great fun and having that many people in panic is what gaming multi-player is all about.

StanSmith2550d ago

The natural progression is to include free cookies in next year's hardened edition to go with the milk it is currently offering yearly.

Kee2550d ago

Actually you make a fair point (maybe without realising it).
But for black ops, if you bought the limited edition you got an RC car and for MW2 if you bought it you'd get night vision goggles. Wonder what it'll be this year? A nuclear warhead?

Szarky2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

"Mom...... This thing is beeping..... I think it's..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOM"

KarrBOMB2550d ago

Quote: " Each game has its own personality and voice. Ours typically stick to the authentic/fun aspects.

Yeah, they stick to authentic/fun aspects. Marathon / Lightweight / Commando . People running around at 50mph, lunging at you from 10 yards out, taking 3 dirrect shots from an auto shotty and still not dropping.

That game was severely unbalanced and less of a shooter, and more like an automated vehicle deathmatch. Yeah it was fun getting the chopper gunner, AC-130 or nuke. But the FPS element was a small fraction of the overpowering killstreaks. Although the gameplay was tight, graphics I think were better then BlackOps, the unrealistic run and stab players made the game boring. I won't be getting this game on release day, and until I hear those issues have been fixed, then I'll stick to other shooters.

kamakaz3md2550d ago

i didnt know cod has made any progress??? weird, i guess im wrong

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