Evil Kid Re-Sells Cogs From Humble Indie Bundle

A very inhumane and heartless creature that escaped from the depths of Minecraft hell (The Nether) is re-selling COGS from the humble indie bundle on Ebay.

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Winkle922577d ago

It's awesome that the developers of these games even decided to put together a humble bundle. At this rate there won't be another one...

wallis2577d ago

Fucking hell man. He bought a game, he doesn't have a life long obligation to suck the devs cocks for the rest of his life. Capitalism is built on behaviour like this whether it's cars, soft drinks or games. He has no ethical obligation to give a shit about the devs of the game once he owns the damn thing.

Capitalism is built on competition and hence winners or losers. Stop being such a bunch of fucking pussies and realize that there has to be a losing party involved. Jesus christ I'm tired of all this whining for indie devs. Yeah so they're hard working, so what? So am i! So is an engineer at ford! That doesn't mean he has to have a piece of every transaction that occurs involving a car he made and sold.

The games industry is still an industry and I'm tired of people wanting it to be like one great big happy family. Well it's not. The average wage of a games programmer is 80,000 USD which is well above average. They have all the benefits and pitfalls of any other industry and that involves second hand sales of their products.

When I buy a game I buy the fucking game. I am not buying the owners permission to play the damn thing or else I want to start insisting my cash can only be spent on tampons and second hand strap on dildos post-transaction.