GameStop launches UK online shop

Eurogamer: "American mega-shop GameStop launched its UK online store last night. Some GameStop UK game prices are lower than on competing sites. Batman: Arkham City can be pre-ordered for £29.97 on GameStop - £10 cheaper than on the Game or HMV website."

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Lucreto2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Looks like has the animus edition as an exclusive.

What annoys me is the UK have a 29 Euro advantage on the price.

UK= £71.97 82.2771=Euros
Ireland= 101.98

Odd the Vita wifi is prices close to the same.

Ireland = 241.97 euro
UK conversion = 242.06 euro

Optical_Matrix2544d ago

Has anyone seen the price of PS Vita on there? Jesus fucking christ.

£207.99 for the Wi-Fi version, £244.99 for the 3G Version. For comparisons sake I have PS Vita 3G Version for Pre-order on Shopto for £279.99

Apollyn2543d ago

a challenger appeared

There prices are srslywtfbbq

Half-Mafia2543d ago

it looks good for some new releases but u have to add £2 P&P. Also older games r much much cheaper on amazon (free P&P) e.g. LBP2 on GS £29, Amazon £16, and Assassins creed brotherhood PC on GS £37 (crazy for a almost year old game), Amazon £15