Sony source: PS Vita RAM not cut

The PlayStation Vita’s memory capacity has not been subject of any reduction, a Sony Japan source has told Develop.

Yet a senior, well-placed person would not divulge what the system’s memory capacity would be when the handheld ships.

That means the final product could still be running with 256MB internal memory, though this is not certain either.

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Chaostar2580d ago

This is why it's best to dismiss most rumours (yes it has a bloody U in it) until you get some kind of solid proof.

zootang2580d ago

To go as far as to spread lies and misinformation though. That is just wrong and should be called into question.

Chaostar2580d ago

I don't know if the rumours were intentional lies, they probably believed whatever their source was and just jumped to sensationalist conclusions like most journalists.

Jellzy2580d ago

One thing I noticed a while back is how different little deviants looks () compared to january and then subsequently june.


(35 secs in)

Is it just me or did it previously look better?

If the game looks worse then does is it simply a design decision or is it down to less memory?

MaxXAttaxX2580d ago

No, YOU have less memory.
Just kidding.

It looks the same. One is off-screen, the other is direct feed.

Hozi892579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


I see what you mean but as Nathan said one is off-screen while the other is direct feed and on top of that the footage for both videos have a diff. game level being played....

Personally, I think SONY will keep 512MB or higher if they intend to fullfill the promises of the Vita and multi tasking back and forth from ps3 to PSVita.

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Shikoro2580d ago

God, I hope that it has 512MB. That will make it an awesome multitasking machine. :)

Dwalls11712580d ago

Vita is looking bettet and bettet

Fishy Fingers2580d ago

Dont cheap out, put 512mb in there please.

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The story is too old to be commented.