1UP Review: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn: Is one of the best strategy games you'll find on any console

Not many people know (or seem to care), but one of Nintendo's best franchises doesn't involve plumbers, Elves, or saucy bounty hunters. It does, however, require you to use your brain...a lot (and no, it isn't Brain Age).

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DeckUKold3664d ago

Beaten by 30 secs snoop luck

snoop_dizzle3664d ago

oh i didn't know that. Sorry man.

Maestro3664d ago

An unhyped game owned Ratchet & Clank Future! PSTards am cry.

beoulve3664d ago

i am so getting a wii now. I think the time is almost right to justify a wii purchase.

Maestro, you miss out a good game, your lost.

Shaka2K63664d ago

Remenber path of radiance on game flop? horrible game waste of time and money. review is way to high but expected its a nintendo game.

DeckUKold3664d ago

U are a comedian seriously u make me laugh at EVERY SINGLE THING

Rooftrellen3664d ago

I remember every FE game that came to America.

I liked them all.

Heck, I'm playing the one on GBA though again right now...finally getting around to picking up the last few support conversations.

Great series, really great.

cooke153664d ago

Hey Deka maybe he's just faking to make us laugh :)

TheFireTruck3664d ago

Yes I remember Path of Radiance. Especially how it is my favorite game and how I've played through it 3 times waiting for this game to come out. But despite my personal experience, your articulate comment has made me realize what a terrible game this must be.

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jinn3664d ago

too much sugar for 1up

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The story is too old to be commented.