BBC ready to create more video games - Luther, Sherlock top of our list

CVG: The BBC is keen to ramp up its production of video games band on its famous brands - and even team up with publishing partners to get boxed titles into retail.

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The Meerkat2430d ago

What about Spooks?
Or maybe Q.I.

Chaostar2430d ago

Ideal game incoming! You play as Psycho Paul, fighting off waves of gingers with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Solid_Snake-2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

lol wicked. i like your way of thinking. it could also have co-op the second player been cartoon head.

zootang2430d ago

Question of Sport, Antiques Roadshow, Traffic Cops.

GammaTru2430d ago

A QI quiz game would be quite interesting >_>

The Meerkat2430d ago

Thought of two more.

Blakes 7


The Tripods

Canary2429d ago

I can't see Spooks making a decent transition into gaming.

Did the BBC have much of a hand in the Doctor Who adventure games? Those were... pretty bad.

Games based on Sherlock would be similarly awful, if only because the show is so incredible. Speaking of which, when are the next 3 episodes coming?

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JellyJelly2430d ago

The Benny Hill Show - The Game.

Day 1.

ATi_Elite2429d ago

wow you just showed your age by suggesting the Benny Hill show.....oh wait i just showed my age by knowing what it is. lol

The Benny Hill show = classic TV

JellyJelly2429d ago

I'm not THAT old. My dad used to watch it lol! Love the soundtrack. I'd buy a game just because of it.

lzim2430d ago

Luther game sounds very very interesting.

M4I0N32430d ago

yeah love that programme, its a shame that luther season 2 only had 4 episodes :/

lzim2430d ago

they were worth it, but I'm hoping they've earned themselves enough funding for more in season 3 with more than the one case.

M4I0N32430d ago

yeah definitely and considering that BBC hope to make a game based off the series suggests that BBC are willing to fully back it up.

Idris Elba is the man ;), i still cant believe he was in The Wire as Stringer Bell.

PirateThom2429d ago

Bioware developed Doctor Who game. I keep saying it in the hope someone will pick up on the idea but no one seems to want to.

Your create a character and the current Doctor regenerates into that character and then you fly across space and time in self contained narratives with an overarching narrative.

What is this not happening?!