New screens and artworks released for Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends

Several new screens and artworks have been released by Tecmo Koei Games for their upcoming Playstation 3 hack-and-slash title, Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends.

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2574d ago
Lord_Sloth2574d ago

*still waits for custom characters*

DragonKnight2574d ago

^^ This. It's been too long without them. Last time was DW5XL.

Lord_Sloth2574d ago

Actually DW6 Empires had them. I just think that no DW game should go without them.

DragonKnight2574d ago

Oh right, I forgot about empires. That was actually a pretty good one for it. But I don't think DW7XL will have it due to the movesets, I could be wrong though.

bozebo2574d ago

Well, I was going to buy 7 but theres no point if extreme legends is going to be along soon...

DragonKnight2574d ago

Except that you can't play Musou mode with just Xtreme Legends.