Has Resident Evil Lost Its Bite?

Dan Ring from The Reticule argue that Resident Evil has lost its' bite over recent years with a move away from the horror elements of the original games. He writes "Confusion, Disappointment, Frustration. That is what I felt as I sat down for another round of Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries mode with my brother. Was it entertaining? Yes! Co-op definitely works – it’s the perfect way to while away a rainy afternoon. Unfortunately, it isn’t Resident Evil, a series that used to be known for its gut wrenching terror and perfectly constructed tension, pockmarked by brief moments of respite and safety (never had I been happier to see a typewriter). So what was it that made the series so good? And when did it all go so wrong?"

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vglulz2305d ago

I see Resident Evil: Revelations as a great return to form. It seems to mix what's great about the newer games and blends it nicely with the tension and atmosphere of the older games.

Septic2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

The Resident Evil games used to be survival horror games but post RE4, Capcom have focused mostly on the survival (action) elements of the game and diluted the horror aspects.

The old resi games induced a lot more fear into the player due to its tentative style of gameplay and meaningful encounters.

The game really needs to up the scare factor in my opinion. Zombies shouldn't just be mere cannon fodder, they really should have a terrifying presence about them. If Capcom made the zombies more like the ones in '28 Days Later', I will no doubt sh*t a brick.

Keep ammo reserves low, focus on survival in a manner that prompts avoidance as opposed to full on conflict and get rid of gimmicky zombies. Go back to what made the series great.