EA: "very poor returns" on 3D gaming

Eurogamer: Mega games publisher EA reckons 3D gaming isn't worth its time or effort.

Instead, it will pump resources into social and online gaming.

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Hooby2575d ago

Heyyy EA did something right!

zootang2575d ago

So the 3DS is really struggling then.

Seferoth752574d ago

So is PS3 it seems or in your nerd rage to trash a product were you so stupid as to forget that its become a big selling point for Sony who offers more than a single product that does 3D?

Iroquois_Pliskin2574d ago

I think what EA means is that they dont want to do 3D because it takes time to develop, and that is not how EA rolls

Hooby2574d ago

3d is a gimmick, is what I was implying. Nintendo does well with gimmicks because they do it right, and they do it "first". But I doubt it will be something that stick into later gens.

kreate2574d ago

but ... girls love 3d for some reason.

and the guys hav to make thr choices accordingly ... no?

gamingdroid2575d ago

3D also puts more strain on your eyes... not to mention the high price tag and the uncomfortable glasses. Thanks, but no thanks!

dkgshiz2574d ago

You can buy a Samsung 43in 3D tv at Bestbuy for $599, Good tv. I own one.

gamingdroid2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I was mighty impressed when I found the TV at sure enough $599, only to discover it is a 720p Plasma TV! Yup, the sort of TV they clearances out years ago.


I have seen quality TVs like Sony and Samsung at 40-42" for around $400-$500.

Why would I pay a $100 more, for an inferior TV simply because of 3D. Right now, 3D TV is a premium and if you want that, it is fine, but it still isn't comparable.

That said, since almost no games are native 1080p, it might be a good gaming option especially being a plasma.

Micro_Sony2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Not sure why you got disagrees but I feel the same way.

I watched Rio the other day in 3D and watched it with out 3D and I was amazed on how much details I missed when I watched in 3D as apose to watching with out 3D. Also 3D makes movements look really blurry.

The point is that movies and games can live on with out 3D.

r1sh122575d ago

Lots of films lose out because they dont shoot the entire film in 3D.
Transformers 3 was all shot using 3D cameras, but RIO wasnt created for 3D.
Even films like capt america hasnt used 3D fully so if watched in 3D 4 or 5 clips will be in 3d and the rest wont. Marvel did that with thor, they get more money from duping people into watching films in 3D when they are natively 2D.

darthv722574d ago

that unless you purposely intend to only show your movie or game in 3d, dont go to the trouble of trying to tack it on.

There are plenty of cash-ins going on with the 3d craze. Some stuff is ok but plenty other stuff should not get that kind of treatment. Even jim cameron said that the more it gets over used and under achieved, the more it will be ruined for everyone.

Basically, not everything needs to be in 3d. I dont want to see it end up like other "me too" things like fmv, cel shading and cgi cutscenes.

J_Cob2574d ago

"Not sure why you got disagrees but I feel the same way."

He got disagrees because they don't feel the same way.

thegood332574d ago

I love 3d, when it is done well, ala Avatar. The problem is, with most games it seems tacked on, something to attract the small percentage of people who want to show off there new 3d tv's.

But imagine if Valve, or a great developer, created a 3d first-person adventure game. Something very immersive and high quality--it would change a lot of gamers minds about the future of 3d gaming.

Once 3d tv's are everywhere, 3d will take off. It's inevitable...

FlashXIII2575d ago

"We see really high returns in these markets and very poor returns focusing on 3D, so we are allocating our resources toward new innovations,"

Lol what? Online gaming and social gaming.. wow that's really innovative.. like 20 years ago.

chak_2575d ago

BF3 is very "social" oriented with battlelog, but it's not a bad thing at all.

BabyTownFrolics2575d ago

well to be fair 3D's golden age was in the early 1950's
so thats not so innovative either.

Szarky2574d ago

Thanks for that. Very interesting read. Makes me think I made the right decision skipping out on 3D on my last TV purchase, just not worth the money.

IAmTheTruth2575d ago ShowReplies(1)
user83971442575d ago

I say 3D is expensive right now. Once the 3D TVs go down on price without having to spend a kidney, then we can enjoy 3D.

kharma452575d ago

It's not really that expensive anymore, at least not here in the UK.

You can get something like the Panasonic 42" ST30 for £650.

stu8882575d ago

I got a samsung 32'' 3D for £450.

evrfighter2575d ago

See its cheap and still just as unpopular

mastiffchild2575d ago

It'll remain pretty niche as a market while there's little quality programming for it on TV(and it adds little to the one thing i expected it to-sport on TV)and it remains a VERY expensive(for decent quality that doesn't give migraines by the second)and that expense rises with EVERY family member while we have to rely on the glasses depenent 3D we have today.

My kids would be standing on, throwing, sitting on and losing those glasses all the time and at 70 pounds a pop it makes it amazingly expensive even if you COULD get decent quality for around £500 for the TV itself. when good, cheap glasses free comes without headaches we will reassess but right now it's a bust.

the only time UI was impressed b it in game was, oddly, with Motorstorm apocalypse which seems CLEARER and smoother in 3D and easier to play as a result(or play wll, anyway) but KZ3 in 3D , though pretty, added little to the experience and t's the same, for me, with GT5 and a couple of other experiments(when I saw them anyway)I've seen in 3D gaming.

IDK why Sony imagined the glasses tech 3D was a goer as those glasses make it a hell of a pain for big families or anyone hoping to entertain a few mates at home-it's YEARS away from being a part of everyday gaming for the masses as it's YEARS away from us having decent, affordable glasses free 3D. And people thought we'd be having holographic screens/displays by now!PFFT!



It's not as popular as it should be because of people like MrSancho1 thinks it is still expensive.

95% of the people I bring to my place and check out my 3d tv are simply AMAZED. Then when I tell them how much I paid for it, they go ape [email protected]

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