A Rare view of the future of Kinect

Eurogamer: Scott Henson is serious when he talks about Kinect creating magic. He believes that for its target audience, that's what it does. And as boss of famed UK developer Rare, that's the direction he is going in.

Here, in an interview with Eurogamer conducted at the Develop conference last week, Henson reveals what gamers can expect from Kinect in the future, and explains why Kinect Sports will remain Rare's focus.

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Septic2611d ago

It just appears to me that everyone is really excited about Kinect EXCEPT for core gamers. It's good that these developers speak of Kinect so passionately but what is the point when you cannot translate that passion into a practical working example?

It's still early days but even from this interview, Scott keeps talking about what appears to be the distant future for Kinect not the immediate one.

I think Microsoft and developers working on Kinect have a herculean task in convincing us about Kinect and its potential for us core gamers.

Chaostar2611d ago

I agree, I keep seeing developers using words like "magic", "future" and "innovation" but it's almost like they are just repeating things that MS has whispered in their ears.

I really wanted Kinect to wow me but I still haven't seen a reason for a gamer such as myself to buy one.

darthv722611d ago

the so called 'core' gamer has been spoiled for so long that anything different or even remotely interesting in how they play is viewed in such a negative way.

Is kinect the way of the future? It is part of it. I would say that given the system it currently connects to is the other part. Should they make a new 720 system then you know the kinect would work with that and possibly expand on the interaction it currently displays.

I believe in progression and since starting out with pong and seeing where we are in such a short amount of time, why is it so hard to embrace new ideas in interactive entertainment.

This sort of stuff has been done before but it is like that old phrase. Right place, wrong time. There have been plenty of neat technological ideas that came out at the wrong time to make a change. Kinect is making a change and it seems like the right time as we get to the point of wanting more substance and interaction with entertainment.

You can only press buttons for so long before you just decide to put the controller down.

2611d ago
gamingdroid2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I find it funny that people say, oh it's just a camera. You know, we had cameras for a long long time. I haven't seen anyone enable what MS does with Kinect.

Prior to this, it was all a dream, but now you got full skeletal tracking at home for $150. I don't see anyone else offering that....

I think it was a great interview, and shows you the sort of problems that Kinect software has to work around. The input is infinite, while with buttons it is finite. That alone tells you the difficulty in developing Kinect software.

MS is definitely delivering on their promises of voice control, object scanning and so on. Some core games are also coming.

Raendom2611d ago

Can't wait until Kinect 2. And it better not be more than $100. Kinect 2 with better fidelity (per pixel accuracy, all gestures imaginable, instant calibration, PC support etc) for $69... I'll buy it.

Kinect as it stands, kinda sucks cock.

PIayStation2611d ago

All I've ever asked for was Mouse & Keyboard support for my consoles, instead they give me Webcams and a Wiimote with a glowing ball on it and tell me that "This is the future".

Godmars2902611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I have the same feeling that "The Future of Kinect" is going to happen with Kinect 2.0 when it hits the Next Box and Window based PCs. That in the meantime MS is going to push half worked technology on a public that's only going to get tired of it.

Funny thing is, its actually Nintendo's fault for shoving out the Wii and making MC popular.

Wii Plus proves that their try was just as broken and unfinished as MS's, but they still made it popular. And MS and Sony jumped on the bandwagon.

gamingdroid2610d ago

Yes, yes, it is Nintendo's fault to push out a product that sold 70 million copies. Have it ever occurred to you that people want this?

I don't like tight clothing for males, but I do know people do....

death2smoochie2611d ago

I am actually more excited in seeing what the new Xbox does with Kinect.
A more powerful Xbox system and updated Kinect system in an all in one system could be amazing.

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