More Free-To-Play Games Coming To Steam

Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today it has officially partnered with Valve’s Steam platform to distribute its two popular free-to-play games, MicroVolts and the upcoming Brawl Busters.

Both action-packed games will soon be available to Steam users and will offer all of the exciting benefits of Steam’s strong community features to a vast worldwide audience. Steam just began hosting free-to-play games this summer, and players can look forward to adding two more high-quality titles to their library.

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ATi_Elite2428d ago

This is just one more reason why i support Steam.....FREE stuff.

Microvolts looks very fun and it's a F2p game but if it's very solid i will spend maybe $5 or $10 bucks on some upgrades.

Steam is really gonna increase the size of their community with all these f2p games thus making Steam an even more attractive place to sale your games.

Microvolts FTW!

Chrono2428d ago

Most of the f2p games they have on Steam can be downloaded from the games' official websites before they were added to Steam, with the exception of Valve's own games.

For example, you can download MicroVolts right now and for free if you go to the official website.

joshpoppedyou2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

i know, the review i posted a link to at the bottom of the article dated last year shows that. however the partnership gives rock hippo, the developers more chance to earn money from their game as i know not many people know about it as of atm