Battlefield 3 Mythbusters

This is another Video showing some Battlefield 3 Myths, so watch it and comment

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chak_2456d ago

I love this laser. When you see laser, gunfires, rockets, lights... in the subway it's unbelievable. I love this game

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

only problem I have with this game so far is why all the other kits can do a better job at range than the recon M16 is like a fully automatic DMR yet when you select the DMR its absolute pants at the same range as the M16.......

Not to mention with the sniping in this game they added scope wobble, still have bullet drop, still have the coriolis effect, not to mention the game is back to BF2 style pacing so soilders can move much quicker than BC2, it basically makes the recon kit completely pointless.....

Why choose a sniper when an M16 with heavy barrel and a ACOG can do a better jobwith no bullet drop, no coriolis effect and no scope wobble.

And not to mention the bloody glint of the scopes of the rifles is like a freaking torch....

DAS6922456d ago

All guns have bullet-drop in BF3. Most people will still use the Recon class though. Because you still have added range, not to mention prone position. You're gonna get a bunch of campers so to combat that, they may having recon a little harder.


lol the point behind adding scope sway, bullet drop & the coriollis effect to the snipers in BF was kinda the point to make it more skilled and make it harder but making it headshot only with bolt action rifles is just stupid....

whats the honest pont in using a sniper when an M16 with heavy barrel or an AK74 with heavy barrel does a better job?

Theres making it harder and then making it useless, thought the game was about balance? clearly not if every kit can do the recons job except better...

DAS6922455d ago

Yeah but at the same time, it's not like they can't update the game and change the damage amount on sniper rifles. Not to mention that the alpha doesn't focus on gameplay, just on stress test for the network. (even though it only allows 32 players at a time) I'm sure DICE knows what their doing.