So did you get your free Xbox 360 for college?

Back in May, Microsoft Corp. has announced their little treat for students who wants to buy a laptop or PC with the company giving them a free Xbox 360 in exchange of that. The offer which is started in May 22, has giving the kids time to start asking their parents where they can make an excuse of finishing their home work at school with a brand new laptop or PC. Of course, they might just want to...

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UltimateIdiot9112574d ago

I advise my friend in partaking in these deals only because a lot of times you can do better finding deals if you buy them seperate combine with the fact that often that most people aren't looking for a powerful pc.

Crazyglues2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Yes I agree, when this first came out you could get a pretty good laptop with a free xbox, but as it caught on they slowly starting changing the laptops to more expensive ones, with the extra 200 added to the price, meaning the laptops were no-longer the good ones, but more expensive models not worth their money.. (classic bait and switch, as new people hearing about the deal would never notice that the laptops where switched)

so in essence you were really paying for the Xbox 360..

Which turn the whole thing into a huge EPIC FAIL for consumers..

much better to just buy them separate, get a better laptop for cheaper and then buy an xbox if you really want one..


Monk2574d ago

i bought a mini-fridge, got a free ice tray.

ATi_Elite2574d ago

Really no more comments about Xbox 360 sales figures seeing how they are giving these things away.

Xbox 720 2012
Xbox 360 on PC 2012

DoomeDx2574d ago

Its Xbox Live on pc, not xbox360 on pc.

Its misleading, but they mean that xbox live will be intergrated in windows 8

ATi_Elite2574d ago

No one is misleading me. I know about XBL being on Windows 8 but i have info that says Xbox 360 games will be playable on Windows 8 PC's.

Hell one simple patch could put XBL into Windows 7 XP or Vista so that's no big deal.

ElementX2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

People still go to college? I thought that was a fad. All you read about is jobless college graduates moving back in with their parents due to no income and $75k in student loans.

SITH2574d ago

I don't know about that fad stufff but those jobless graduates are students who didn't prepare before they left college. It is harder to find a job the higher tour education o's because the competition is greater. We all want to believe just because I have a degree a job will happen anyways. I had 3 jobs lined up before graduation with 65k in financial aid debt. Also I graduated with a 3.5 gpa and membership in scholar clubs which helps with plenty of jobs including government employment.

I wish console deals existed when I was in school. I still have my functional .EDU address. I tend to miss deals like this. Bought a new car, deal for it the next month came out. Buy a console, deal the next week. Sucks.

ElementX2574d ago

I got a degree in Computer Networking and Support with only 17k in debt. It feels good to not have loan payments the rest of my life.

gamingdroid2574d ago

Loan isn't a bad thing if you major actually can earn some money. Engineers, lawyers (sich) and pretty much anything in the medical field will net you a nice little income for your hard college work.

My fiance, is in med school and by the time she is done she has a $400k loan, about the same as my townhome! However, higher income over time pays for that.

If you are into liberal arts and "social" science, you are in for a rude awakening.

We need all sorts of people, but the fact is the college system is setup for "knowledge" not getting a real job. SO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND DON'T SWEAT THAT LOAN!!!

beast242tru2574d ago

bull of a deal becuz i can buy a pretty good laptop for about three hundred dollars and get a 4gb 360 with a kinect for only $600

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