PS4 and Xbox 720 will debut at E3 2012?

Only times will tell whether we can expecting an appearance from both next generation console from Sony and Microsoft after Nintendo themselves has introduced the much anticipated Wii U in the last E3. There are not much reports we can get from for the tidbits on the PS4 release date, but i can remember that one of Sony executives has revealed that it is in the company’s planning.

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vglulz2614d ago

I hope to see the new xbox next year, at the very least in trailer form.

DrFUD2613d ago

I hope Microsoft gets out of the console business next year, at the very least refunds me for all the money I wasted on the 360.

Nexgensensation2613d ago

that it needs to be retained.

MysticStrummer2613d ago

MS bailing out of the console business would be funny, if only to see the reaction on N4G, but it won't happen. Not next year anyway.

nopunctuation2613d ago

E3 2012
Release late 2013.

Getowned2613d ago

this is gonna be good ;)

NovusTerminus2614d ago

I can see this happen next year. It would not be a huge surprise.

tiffac2614d ago

I think everyone will be surprise if we don't hear anything at E3 or TGS 2012 regarding these consoles.

MintBerryCrunch2613d ago

We'll probably get a lot of trailers to hype us up on the "possibilities" when in reality it all depends on the developer and how far they will push the new tech

and in this process, the console and its respective company get called out for it

bozebo2613d ago

They will probably show off some tech demo that isn't actually running on the console hardware - not that I would expect them to have their hardware finalized at all, but anything they do show will be nothing but marketing crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.