RAGE BBFC Certificate Revealed

id Software’s forthcoming RAGE has been set the lofty goal of redefining the First-Person Shooter (FPS) experience just as it’s spiritual predecessors Quake and DOOM did over a decade ago. An adult premise though it may be, the British Board of Film Classification has today revealed that RAGE will be available with a lower age rating than both those landmark titles.

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gamerwiips3602615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Getting a bit lower age rating compared to IDs prev. classics. But nvm still a great Game backed by the extra ordinary studio and Carmack.
I donno whether this will again redefine FPS Genre... I always hear this but havn't seen a game since HL2, with the likes of Bioshock. Also this BBC 15 + means it will cater to much wider audience and gamers which is a good news for the Team!

Anyway GL to ID and Carmack, We Fans are looking fwd to it.
Cheers :)

Kran2615d ago

15+? I was expecting an 18 o.O

And BBFC, go away already!!! PEGI should have been in full control MONTHS AGO!