More SSX screenshots released by EA, this time featuring Moby

Connected Consoles: EA has released four new screenshots for SSX featuring Moby, one of many returning characters to the game.

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mjolliffe2611d ago

SSX, you looking mighty fine. :)

raWfodog2611d ago

Easily my favorite character. I can't wait to hit the slopes again :)

Acquiescence2611d ago

for a sec there, I thought by Moby they were refering to the musician. A lot of his music would work well as a soundtrack to an SSX game.

DragonKnight2611d ago

They ruined Psymon. Unless they release classic look DLC, the best iteration of Psymon is the one from Tricky. This guy just looks wrong. *sigh* I hate it when companies think they need to "fix" what already works.

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