More MW3 Questions Answered

CarlosX360 Writes: "Over the last 8 hours, Robert Bowling, the creative strategist at Infinity Ward answered the Call of Duty Twitterverse questions - That means new information! Read to find out what's been revealed!"

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Best2576d ago

This game looks AMAZING! Way better than BF3 IMO.

hiredhelp2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

You not had hands on the pre alpha build then.

jon12342576d ago

how is babby formed?? how girl get pregnant?

Motorola2576d ago

Really? The alpha seems to be a poor representation. In BF3? People trying to DROP SHOT ME. People laying prone in small rooms waiting for people to walk by - when they are ATTACKING. I love how the American soldiers blend in with the subway floor, making this easy.

hiredhelp2576d ago


From reading what you said. if you go into most games you will find some snipers. but if you look. youll notice a glint. like a light flash so you can go over there and knife the git. if they really irratate you that much.
that being said ive only come across couple of games were been total campers. Because soo much going on in the map, there also alot of gunners playing too.
As for drop shot ive not seen that yet.
dont forget you can use your filter to find the best possible game for you. or if you simply not enjoying bf3 soo far i suggest to wait for cod.
Oh one last thing poor presentation. KNOCK KNOCK HELLO (ALPHA BUILD

NarooN2576d ago


They need to do way instain mother> who kill thier babbys. becuse these babby cant frigth back?

TrevorPhillips2576d ago

IMO Battlefield looks better, but i don't really care, I'll be getting BF3 and my brother will be getting MW3.

CarlosX3602576d ago

So, one way or the other, you're PLAYING MW3. :)

SpartanZero2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

Riot shields I want back and I hope that they don't take off last stand because it feels so good to kill someone in last stand and it adds so much variety but they should balance it and goodbye commando but in black ops there were some commando knife lunges MW3 new melee system could fix that.

FAGOL2576d ago

Yeah they should balance Last Stand by deranking the player who uses it and giving them a virtual bitch slap for getting a kill with it.

NobleRed2576d ago

The most important questions have already been answered.

Will this game run on the old crappy engine? Yes
Doeas this game support non hd resolution? Yes of course
Will the campaign last 5 hours? Yes
Are you milking your fanbsae with expensive dlc packs? Hell yeah

Inside_out2576d ago

I can't wait for the trailers to, it will be awesome. I really wish they would consider upping the player count tho at this late stage the game is set in would think.

Having 2-4-8 players running around, screaming for help and calling out enemies would be incredible.

MW3...the legend be continued. :)

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