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The GodisaGeek.com Vault: Top Five Horror Games

There have been some cracking horror games over the years, some that would make you cower behind the sofa, and some that would make you exclaim “I’ve had scarier times on the toilet!”.

This bonus episode of The GodisaGeek.com Vault is a selection of chillers which fall firmly into the first category. Be warned, there are a few gentle spoilers in this list, so if you haven’t played the games, GodisaGeek.com might recommend just reading the title. (Dead Space, F.E.A.R., Fatal Frame, PC, PS2, PS3, Resident Evil, Retro, Silent Hill 2, Xbox, Xbox 360)

StifflerK  +   1396d ago
Glad to see Fatal Frame on the list. I love that series.

I really hope they go multi-platform again ,( esp after what Nintendo did with FF 4.)
GodisaGeek  +   1396d ago
Fatal Frame deserves a mention purely for the vids of that guy on youtube screaming and crying! :-D
ryan_s  +   1396d ago
in my opinion fear doesn't belong to that list
GodisaGeek  +   1395d ago
What would your top 5's be guys/gals?
bozebo  +   1395d ago
Dead space? lol.
JebusF  +   1394d ago
You didn't find Dead Space at all scary, or unsettling?

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