Metal Gear Solid Remakes Go Playable at Tokyo Game Show

Andriasang: Another unsurprise for September's Tokyo Game Show. Following Sony's recent revelation that PlayStation Vita will have a major presence at the show, Kojima Productions has said that Metal Gear Solid HD Edition will be playable. Not too surprising, of course, as the games (in Japan, Peace Walker is separate from the remakes of MGS2 & 3) are due for release in November.

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Kee2401d ago

Good. Can't wait until they go playable on my PS3.

2401d ago
galgor2401d ago

Can't wait for this collection. Does anyone know if it'll be out in Europe this year?

slavish2401d ago

I can;t believe this is on 360 but i;ll most likey get it on ps3 since I have played every metal gear game with a dual shock controller :)

The Matrix2401d ago

Why can't you believe it is on 360? Don't 360-only people get a chance to play a classic franchise too?

slavish2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

yeah im not saying they don't its just sony made it seem so much like a playstation franchise. Regardless great game and a good business move to increase revenue.

The Matrix2400d ago

Yeah that's true. I wonder how it worked out then.