EMGN: Double Dragon II Remake Preview

EMGN: "Although many will remember Double Dragon II as the classic NES game, others will recall the popular arcade version, which was quite fun for its time. A remake of the original Double Dragon II arcade game could definitely deliver and be a huge seller for Double Dragon fans on the 360. Especially considering the original Double Dragon had to be removed from the Xbox Live Arcade due to legal issues, so this will be the next best thing for many fans."

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ALICE6662608d ago

Really miss Double Dragon, always wished they bring out a current gen version that doesnt suck. Doesnt seem to be many brawlers these days..

pennywhyz2608d ago

i got the original dd when it was first released on xbox live they took it off list but its still playable.

dionnysus2608d ago

totally tubular. i hope the original is unlockable too.