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callahan092544d ago

A little buggy without proper patching, but a fantastic game none-the-less. Love the atmosphere and plot.

Darkfocus2544d ago

fantastic game but I can't believe it was at $20 all this time who the hell would pay $20 for a game from 2003...

Ranshak2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Its funny but people actually pay alot more for upressed HD releases :)

I recently played this game in 1080p ;-)

JsonHenry2544d ago

^^ Hahahahaha! That is exactly what I was thinking. I don't pay for HD releases and I bought this game and still have it on disc when it first came out. It was good. Not nearly as buggy as people make it out to be but it DID have bugs.

Ranshak2544d ago

Well you see people pay for the same HD remake that they bought last gen, while they have no clue if it will work on the next box, for all you know you may have to buy another remake of the same game again just so you can play it on the next box.

Atleast with PC you do have 99% chance that the game will work for a very very long time. I can currently play games back from 1996 via dos box sooo...

Darkfocus2544d ago

it crashed randomly on area transitions for me when I played it years ago and that was after all the won't even run on my new PC....crashes right after making a character....I know the bug and it's from having over 3GB's of ram which is absolutely ridiculous...

Ranshak2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

You need to download the latest unofficial patch it fixes alot of stuff. you can also get a hex editor and change the games resolution to anything you like.

I played it on my Laptop with a 5870m ran flawlessly. I am traveling currently once back home i will try it on my monster rig(which has nvidia GPUs).

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Blacktric2544d ago

I bought it for 20 bucks a year ago and I'm not ashamed of it. I love the game and I just simply couldn't wait for a price drop/sale. I wish Activision saw how passionate some Vampire fans are and release a proper sequel to this game with most, if not all, Troika employees. At least we've got a MMO coming from CCP though.

No_Pantaloons2544d ago

Fantastic game. With the unofficial patch its not buggy at all, the moders fixed everything, basic or extended version.

Anyone who missed this game should buy it, its a true gem.

Darkfocus2544d ago

it's still buggy even with the crashes all the time...

sonicsidewinder2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Great Game. It barelly ever goes on sale too.

Jump on this if you can!

(propper scary in some places too o_o)

Blacktric2544d ago

... Now I'm reinstalling it... Thanks to you. Remembered that hospital part in the downtown area.

kramun2544d ago

Even after all these years the framerate still drops like mad when I go into the Santa Monica beach area. Every time I've upgraded to a different graphics I check it and the framerate still drops drastically at that point.

I played through most of the game with all the framerate issues I had back then, but it puts me off now. Maybe by 2020 I'll be able to play it with a smooth framerate from start to finish.

Ranshak2544d ago

Did you install the latest unofficial patch?

kramun2544d ago

Yeah I've installed all the patchs, official and unofficial. Either it's just my setup I've had each time or the game, or something else, who knows. It's weird because I've had a few different graphics cards, both nvidia and ati but it's always dropped at that point.

It's a shame as I do really like the game, but it does put me off.

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