Interview with Bladestorm's Akihiro Suzuki

It's hard to create a new franchise and get it the attention it may (or may not) deserve. Whether it sinks or floats, getting new intellectual property (IP) out there is a challenge riding as it has to on wave after wave of sequels. Just as well then, that Bladestorm is not only getting a lot of coverage lately, but that it's also shaping up to be quite an enjoyable game.

SPOnG knows this because they were recently treated to a demonstration and steered through it by none other than producer Akihiro Suzuki. He then sat down and took them through the concept of the game, and the inspirations for the European action battle outing from Japan.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

SPOnG: "Suzuki-san, thank you for joining me today. First, could you give our readers a bit of background information about your career? What interested you in developing video games?"

Akihiro Suzuki: "My original interest in Koei was through their RPG games, although ironically my very first project was a quiz game! It was a very minor release in Japan. After this I got into producing Dynasty Warriors for a bit, and now I'm producing Bladestorm (smiles)..."

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bootsielon4055d ago

With a different art style. Graphics are OK, not great, but the gameplay is the worst. But since it's so big in japan, more power to Koei...