RPG Battle: Dark Souls vs. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Everyone is arguing about Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3, but for role-playing fans, the fall battle is between two very different titles.

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firemassacre2608d ago

dark souls: spiritual successor to demons souls, a dark, gothic, hellish would where you need to survive in order to advance into this pit your put in. a true, gothic masterpiece, the art, the enemies, sheer death reeks in the atmosphere and forces you to use strategie, there are no save points, no easy way out, when you enter a world, you need to man up and face your demons. Now dark souls seems to have another take on demons souls and have very very simular attributes and gothic horror hellish worlds to conquer, therefore i have to in my personal opinion ( oblivion was a masterpiece, skyrim will be most likely) i have to give it to dark souls because i know what to expect and im an old school gamer and i love a good challenge.

shammgod2607d ago

Buy them both...two completely different experiences that will both be awesome. The question should be, which do I play first?

thorstein2603d ago

Agreed and bubs for you.

You are using logic in an otherwise illogical place.

StitchJones2607d ago

There is no vs. in this area. Dark Souls if it carries the same format from Demons Souls will be an heavy action skill/reaction based game. Where Skyrim is going to have heavy story and dialog selection including it's own action format. Both worthy of purchase in my book.

scepter2607d ago

skyrim hands down demon souls who hell wants to play game where u r aggrovated want bust your tv i beat demon souls but it took long time due to frustration.

eak32607d ago

I concur with the general consensus that both will be worthy of purchase. I prefer Skyrim, while I like a challenge, I dont put up with constant dying and almost unbeatable game scenarios. I would call myself a casual gamer and while Demon Souls looks enticing as hell and it being 20 bucks, Im not sure I would enjoy it just because of the sheer difficulty. These games have a very focused target audience and those people will eat this kind of stuff up. Ill enjoy my Skyrim to its fullest extent with a difficulty that isnt a push over but doesnt want me to destroy my controller at the same time.

thorstein2603d ago

The beauty of Demon's Souls is the aesthetic world in which it is set. It is a world worth exploring and experiencing, even if it is incredibly dangerous.

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