Is Nintendo in trouble?

The past few weeks haven't been kind to Nintendo. The hubbub surrounding the crackpot save-system of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, delay of Crush 3D, Shinobi and Metal Gear Solid (specifically because of slow 3DS sales), and the demise of Mega Man Legends 3... this is a painful series of events. What's more, we haven't seen a Virtual Console update in two weeks. Today, just four months after the 3DS's launch, Nintendo announced an $80 reduction from the handheld's price tag. What the hell is going on here?

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Ranshak2615d ago

Its really the first time a Nintendo handheld console is having a hard time selling. I think the invasion of Smartphones may be reason to blame.

While the hardcore(which are few and far between) may buy the dedicated handheld gaming unit, and then pay 40usd per game. Most casuals need a phone anyways, then paying 1-5usd for casual games is a lot easier. I guess this is what is happening and if this is true dedicated handheld consoles may take a huge hit.

notimetobeidle2615d ago

Not only that but the mobile games are also easier to pick up and put down when you need to.

Is there even room for a 'hardcore' handheld gamer anymore? I've found myself using my DS and PSP so much less lately.

Ranshak2615d ago

Well sure there is room for the hardcore, however the thing is the casuals are in the masses.

Unfortunately for Nintendo it was the casuals that bought the Wii and DS in droves. However now that the same casuals can simply get smartphones(which they need anyways). So the hardware cost is null because everyone needs a phone. Nintendo used to sell the casuals games for 30-40usd, when the same casuals can get simular games for 1-5usd, it really does make a big difference.

Also the fact no one likes to carrying 2 devices around where ever they go and since the phone wins out since its an essential device, this really hurts Nintendo.

miyamoto2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Hence Sony is introducing the PlayStation Suite for Android, WP7 and IOS.

This is reality and we must accept it.

..... and the curse of the Nintendo Play Station still lingers on.....

Nitrowolf22615d ago

I don't think it has anything to do with Smart phone (Well a little). Like many have said, it's most likely the Name. I mean from average people with no idea what 3DS really is, it looks like a DS with just 3D attached to it. The name is to much of the same. I think most people see it as another DS Lite or XL when really it's more then that.

Ranshak2615d ago

I would agree on that bit, most casuals really dont know 3DS is actually a different gen of the handheld. Which is why they may not be picking it up.

AWBrawler2615d ago

well Nintendo needs to release a lot of 1-5USD games for download on 3DS

fatstarr2615d ago

man everyone should just shut up, When Jan 2012 comes ill listen to all the doomsday thoughts

there are millions of lil kids waiting for xmas for s 3ds especially once the commercials and games start rolling out. ive seen parents say no because it was 250 once they hear the new price they might be more inclined to get it.

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firemassacre2615d ago

i would say mildly in handheld terms, the psp seems to be dominating in terms of hardware sales and the vita is coming out, and it has better tech than the 3ds. but the 3ds has barely begun to show its potential also, like the legend of zelda ocarina of time is a masterpiece of a game that need not be missed by anyone.

as for console sales, the wii has gone above and beyond in hardware sales and reached a profit at a very early stage, so in terms of consoles the wii is out of the question.

hard joe2615d ago

since nintendo is catering to casuals
they face stiff competition from mobile gaming
and hardcores are usually catered by sony
so yes
nintendo's handheld is in trouble
they may need to make 3ds phone

fatstarr2615d ago

sonys vita is in trouble if they dont launch globally by q4 2011 do you seriously think vita can launch in march and fare better than a nintendo system?

unless we lower numbers for success its gonna be the same thing. nintendo is gonna be sitting on 10million worldwide 3ds sales soon.

nikola9872615d ago

They are.. But for how long? :)

Why o why2615d ago

Peaks and troughs

Everything goes through them

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