PlayStation Vita CPU Manufactured by Samsung

Samsung will be manufacturing the CPU for the PlayStation Vita, according to a blurb that appeared at the website for electronics industry newspaper The Semiconductor Industry News. The CPU will make use of a 45 nanometer manufacturing process.

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miyamoto2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

It will be no surprise if the AMOLED screen is made by Samsung too. Like playing on a 5" Galaxy S phone.

Sony and Samsung are great friends since the PS1.
I play with Sony PS3 and watch on a Samsung TV.

jujubee882459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

45nm? Oh well. If the roadmap for Ps Vita goes anything like Ps3 that will go down to 35nm and the PS Vita will mainly get lighter and have better battery life in future iterations.

The PS Vita will NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT have quick post-launch price cuts such as the 3DS because Nintendo was WAY over pricing the 3DS while the PS Vita costs more to build (from the OLED to actual dual sticks) from a part by part basis. There might be revisions such as 4G version next year (2012) but, revisions across both models will likely be until 2013.

In fact, the next PS Vita model version will likely still be $200-249 and will feature internal memory from 16-32GB, be lighter and smaller, feature the 35nm chips (clocked the same thus conserving more energy), have a slightly more vibrant OLED display, added stylus support (big maybe), some improved motion sensing stuff, minor part mechanics (hinges or whatev.) and, the aforementioned 4G upgrade (to the mobile data model).

Sony will probably be better at face lifting Ps Vita compared to the PSP since most of those where to combat piracy and to always make the PSP K models UMD drive thinner, quitter, etc. Thankfully, PS Vita uses cartridges and memory cards so, there is no worrying about fitting optical drives in the PS Vita.

miyamoto2459d ago

Hey jujubee, do you feel Sony will adopt the kind of upgrading it does with smart phones on the PS Vita on a yearly basis?

jujubee882459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

If you mean upgrading CPU/GPU, RAM or anything on the motherboard drastically than no, that is not happening. The lifecycle for any handheld/console has to be constant and changing specs at any point after release risks fragmenting the earl consumer fan base.

A bold prediction would be a future PS Vita model with parallax display for glasses-less 3D (like 3DS) but, any future PS Vita models will be at least one year away. Again, a price cut will probably not come soon as the PS Vita component parts, RND, labor, etc. have already been reported to make the retail PS Vita sell for a loss and will ship in volume over some time in order to recover that sometime in the next fiscal year (or depending on best consumer and market predictions).

Than again, it would not be surprising to see limited edition game bundles of the PS Vita come along soon after launch (and in between the next major revisions) to grab some more attention on retailers store shelf's.

edit: here is good link about Sony explaining some of their economic tactics behind the Ps Vita


StanSmith2459d ago

Sorry jujubee but i have to disagree. The Vita will get a price cut within 6 months. In these tough economic times, people just don't have the kind of money for Vita or 3DS (hence it's price cut).

Tablets and smartphones are dominating handheld gaming. People are more reluctent to hand over £30 for a game on a handheld machine when they can get games for as little as 79p on itunes/android.

The average consumers don't care about the tech. The PS3 would be leading in sales if they did. It's the price only which will sway people. Personally, i'm not purchasing Vita until it gets this price cut as i've already been stung by Nintendo this year.(even though their free games have helped take a little of said sting away).

jujubee882459d ago


What led Nintendo to overprice the 3DS:

The PS Vita and parts like the 5-inch OLED display, capacitive touch panels and other hardware are much more difficult to manufacture in terms of balancing resources and component profitability compared to any cheaper parts found in the 3DS which are pumped out in favor of quantity over quality. The same parts found for much more on a tablet/smartphone at around +$400 is why at $249, the PS Vita is still a very good value.

Also, if you read the other links provided you than you could have read that Sony does not make their money off of the hardware. Sony finds their profit margins off of things like physical game mediums, memory sticks, etc over the lifetime of the device hence, reducing the price so soon would be like double losses before it even hits the half-point of its life-cycle.

While I agree that there is some convenience in terms of delivery of content that app stores/market places bring; tabs and smartphones are by no means the stature of television or even Steam on PC in terms of hardware adoption rates or stable business models.

There are other forms of entertainment to be had on the PS Vita for just as cheap a price but, with better value.

For one, the PS Vita already has millions in the way of games and DLC in the PS Store:

PSP/PS Vita Demos
PC engine

Also, with PlayStation Suite on the horizon, the awareness of better valued gaming will come to Android devices.

Sony is appealing to the core/hardcore gamers with the PS Vita and will adjust accordingly but, for the time being, it does appear those markets are still untapped by the 3DS or mobile devices. Sony will really go into those markets and try to make balance losses/profits there and from that will come PS Vita price drops and a larger appeal to the causal and young audience (years later).