3DS Price Cut Indicative of Dying Handheld Market

MMGN writes: Nintendo’s decision to lower the price of the 3DS by a third -- a mere four months after the handheld’s launch -- is more an indication of the handheld market’s slow deterioration than it is of Nintendo’s questionable direction with the handheld’s launch.

The firm placed immense faith in its fan base’s commitment to the Nintendo brand, launching the handheld at close to $400 in Australia and high price points in other regions.

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death2smoochie2549d ago

The rise of cheap mobile cell phone and tablet gaming has had a negative effect on dedicated hand held gaming unfortunately. It's unfortunate imo that this is happening but you can see where this trend is going.

notimetobeidle2549d ago

Or it could have been as simple as Nintendo bracing itself against a new Sony handheld. Having the 3DS at such a cheaper price point gives less room for potential buyers to consider the Vita over it.

Venox20082549d ago

i think it's because of economy and of overpriced 3ds..too big expectations were, they though that everyone will buy it, no matter what, but now they made a good choise and sales will go up..and good titles are comming..too bad i bought it already, not that i'm regretting, but i could buy 1 or 2 games more for 3ds ...good handheld..

charmer2548d ago

3ds price cut only shows how smart nintendo is