1UP's Interview with Zeboyd Games: Bringing JRPGs Back from the Dead

1UP's Bob Mackey writes, "Developers Robert Boyd and Bill Stiernberg shed light on their indie attempts to resurrect a dying genre."

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Stealth2k2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

oh my god..........this is the most trolling article Ive ever seen linking to a joke article

When jrpgs stop being developed like crazy then its dying

The funny part is 1up tries to goat the people they are interviewing into saying they are dying but they arent so they didnt. Its hilarious.

1up is so butthurt that the US isnt getting xenoblade or last story.

Right from All the upcoming rpgs

7 jrpgs and 1 wprg

yep sure are dying

07.29 Chantelise07.29 Dungeon Defenders08.23 Deus Ex: Human Revolution08.23 Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclock08.28 Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 208.31 Cladun x208.31 The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragon's Odyssey 09.06

Disgaea 4

tiffac2577d ago

Well can you blame them for feeling that the genre is dying? Its either the Jap developers aren't making the true and tested titles anymore like Suikoden or Breath of Fire or they won't localize it like Last Story, Valkyria Chronicles 3 or Xenoblade. We are left with a vacuum that is being filled with cliche JRPGs.

I'm not saying the cliche ones are bad I love Altier series and Neptunia but I where are the games I grew up with? That's the feeling I'm getting this gen.

Stealth2k2577d ago

Yes I can blame them when it isnt happening.

Ok so capcom doesnt do breath of fire anymore but they have done 3 megaman rpgs, monster hunter.

konami did do a handheld suikoden, 3 metroidvanias, and they are publishing 2 rpgs righ now

And last story and xenoblade will be in english in europe which would of never happened in the past

And yes most rpgs in a gen stay unlocalized. Its been that was since the nes days

tiffac2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Was Monster Hunter localized? Suikoden on the DS was a shadow of its former self just like Valkyrie Profile.

Yes Last Story and Xenoblade if I'm not mistaken even has an AU release but what happened to the NA? I'm still hoping because an NA release means a sure English Asian release as well.

Maybe your right quantity there are still JRPGs but quality sure is taking a beating this gen, especially the ones being localized. Too many on the handhelds not enough on the consoles.

To make it worse the Jap Devs themselves are being stoic with the JRPG market that's outside Japan. That just gives a bad impression.

Stealth2k2577d ago

1) Yes all monster hunters but 1 have been localized but that wont be an issue soon. And tieries was an amazing game and highly reviewed

2) Probably not in na, but most rpgs dont come to america, BUT we can import

3) The quality is exactly the same. In fact theres been more 75+ ranked games than last gen. And They go where the most popular systems are. The consoles are like third most popular in every region. The handhelds are were its at

jap devs have been great to me

to sum up

Most rpgs are never localized.
In fact this gen more jrpgs that never came to america before came to america this gen
The quality and quantity are just as high

As long as 1 jrpgs is still in development, it isnt dying. As of right now theres 20+ in development

Hicken2577d ago

JRPGS aren't dead, but it's not stopping plenty of people from pronouncing them DOA.