Rage 2 Already In The Works? -- id Software "Psyched"

id Software's John Carmack is already psyched for Rage 2. In an interview wth Industry Gamers Carmack mentioned he was excited about the future of gaming. In the near future, he's excited about the release of Rage, a game we've been anticipating for years. Despite it not being out yet, Carmack is already planning the sequel, Rage 2.

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rabidpancakeburglar2615d ago

Awesome, can't wait for this game and I expect a sequel to be justified.

MintBerryCrunch2615d ago

talk about having confidence in your new IP

i wish id good luck

Godmars2902615d ago

All I have to say is that they had every confidence in Doom 3.

FriedGoat2615d ago

They would already have rage 2 on the disk if it wasn't for that bloomin 360. /s

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biRdy2615d ago

This game looks amazing, Fallout with better graphics = Win

BrianG2615d ago

I love the fallout style games.

If Rage is anything like that, which I know it is, it should be nothing less than a good time.

Now to add this to my Amazon cart for Preorder.

SageHonor2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Why would they say this already/???

Sackthing2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Because they couldn't fit all the contents into the DVDs. So they cut the game into two parts.

Edit: Below, it doesn't matter cuz the game is multi-platform. The contents have to be the same for all 3 platforms.

DeadlyFire2615d ago

To let you know its coming. Its not like its any different from EA or Activision or Microsft labeling their first DLC will be available as soon as you buy the game you can buy this extra crap!!!!!!!

Ah I don't care though. Part 1 already looks badass and graphics on par or superb.

Sackthing2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

You are correct EA, Activision and MS are also as bad.

And I don't care too. I refuse to bend over and take it.

clarkdef2615d ago

Are you guys looking forward to the game or the graphics? Is there much info on the game, I do remember seeing a demo where there was this radio controlled car. Which looked pretty cool.

SageHonor2615d ago

So far the gameplay seems really good. But as you know graphics are boasted.. I just hope it isnt broken at release like Crysis 2 was.. I also hope its not really boring but there seems to also be plenty of variety in the game

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