Kojima Pushed MGS2 to 60FPS to Make it Feel “Alive”

It payed off. MGS2 looked fluid and realistic in a time long before many other producers would even consider a console game at 60FPS.


The story has been updated with more information regarding MGS 3.

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xPhearR3dx2331d ago

Kojima is a genius. Just sayin.


I like him as a story teller

BlackjackCF2331d ago

Interesting. I'm assuming that's why they shoot all things in HD in 60 fps now?

CrzyFooL2331d ago

I love how MGS2 ran at 60fps and MGS3 ran at 30fps.

zslash2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

MGS4 ran 30FPS as well.

I think the MGS games don't need 60 FPS, but that's just me. Of course, everything is better at 60...

No FanS Land2331d ago

actually there were some parts in mgs4 where it played in 60fps, but then it's only rotating the camera in a non action paced part of the game.

usually I hate 60fps, but I thought it fit pretty well with MGS2

BlmThug2331d ago

I Agree. MGS games are about stealth so 60FPS is too much.

2330d ago
ZFGokuSSJ12331d ago

Definitely felt that way.

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