Are Good TV Show Video Games Possible?

We take a look at some of the games that should have stayed on the boob tube and one or two gems in the garbage dump of lisenced games.

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WhiteLightning2547d ago

Fringe/Xfiles game with some elements taken from L.A Noire could work. Those games would work best since they could have missions or "cases" in the game which don't need to spoil the series since the two TV shows episodes are about differen't cases each week. At the end of each case before the next chapter you do a story case which follows the story in the game kind of like the Alien story in X files or the Other Universe in FRINGE

rabidpancakeburglar2547d ago

The Simpsons Game was pretty good but the best simpsons game will always be Hit & Run, I spent a hell of a lot of hours on that.

Kran2547d ago

Same :D I actually have it. My friend gave it to me for free when I got rid of mine ;D

D0ffy2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Yea my parents got me The Simpsons (along with The Golden Compass, I'll get back to that one) game for the 360 and I was like "oh crap another licensed game, I don't wanna play that".

Then I played it and was like "wow, this is actually kinda good". I've had some hours of fun with that game.

Oh and The Golden Compass might be the worst game I've ever played in my whole life. That game is abyssmal.

WhiteLightning2546d ago

I've never understood why they havent done a Family Guy game like Hit and Run

firemassacre2547d ago

24 would be a good game, add a metal gear vibe to it and it would certainly be a surprise.

DrRichtofen2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Theres alot of good anime and cartoon show games already out there. I think Breaking Bad would make for a good game if they used a GTA style for it. A Dexter game would be really interesting too maybe if it had a mysterious psychological thriller feel to it like Heavy Rain.

2547d ago
aaabbbccc43242547d ago

on the flip side i think games would be better at being tv series than films because a film is 2 hours but a tv series is many hours. games that would be great in this are ones like assassins creed, gta and fallout