OXCGN’s Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues DLC Review: An Eccentric Undertaking


"Fallout 3 set an extremely difficult precedent to follow in the world of post-release downloadable content.

"Not only did it provide extremely solid, quality content on a regular basis for nearly a year after release, but every single piece was an actual contribution to the game; they were not just a rehashed area with new quests, or an arena to fight enemies in.

"New Vegas, on the other hand, hasn’t exactly hit the nail on the head so far with its iterations of post-release content… it’s been missing the nail and hitting its fingers.

"Thankfully, Old World Blues is the first one to really impress, and even outranks some of the best from Fallout 3 in my book."

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gaminoz2615d ago

This is how DLC should be done! Over a year later and still getting single player content.

Proeliator2615d ago

Haha, well more around nine months. And in all respect, it's the best out of all three.

But, it's still excellent.