EA: Apple’s iPad Killing The Console Market, Were Investing heavily In It

It was bound to come up, but John Riccitiello, Electronic Arts CEO, in an interview with industrygamers revealed that Apple’s tablet computer, the iPad is eating into the console market.


Update: EA has attributed the company's $57 million in sales for the quarter to iOS, that's 9% year-on-year growth, making causal gaming a new force to be reckoned with. This explains why the publishing powerhouse purchased mobile gaming house, Popcap a few weeks ago.

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jack who2613d ago

gaming industry greedy ways is wats killing the console

MintBerryCrunch2613d ago

scumbag EA: Blame tablets on declining sales of their games

Invest in said tech to get a piece of the pie and only continue the process

hamoor2613d ago

saying tablets will kill the consoles is just like saying tv shows gonna kill the movie industry!!!1

as a pure gaming aspect, the ipad doesnt hold a candle to consoles gaming.
sure ipad games are fun and cheap but nowhere near the quality of consoles games.

BakedGoods2613d ago

As far as I'm concerned Apple is taking the damn casuals off my consoles! Good on 'em.

subtenko2613d ago

but its not like everyone buys an ipad just for the games. Articles like these make it seem like people do, but they dont, at least thats not the main reason for most.

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mcstorm2612d ago

I agree it know 4 people with an ipad and 3 with the xoom bluetooth and the ipad users got them because they have a iphone and they use it to just pickup and browser the web and street videos that's it. The the xoom users use it for alot more. We they use it for word and excellent documents browsing the web streaming videos emails and also playing games but they tend to be psx snes nest n64 games as they can connect a ps3 or 360 controller to it a hdmi cable for tv out and also a mouse and keyboard. The but to me none of them are killing the console or handheld market from what I am seeing them used for.

skrug2613d ago

wait till they release DLCs for these casual games... lol

egidem2612d ago

It's already started...Angry Birds Seasons!!

subtenko2612d ago

They are already doing different stuff KINDA like that. Games are becoming free now, but with in-app purchases.

most of us know why they are starting to do that more :s but yea...thats another topic :]

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showtimefolks2613d ago

even though i have a ipad and iphone 4gs and had iphone 4

how come they can sell their products for 599 plus and release a newer version every 10-12 months and still millions buy them. Yet if a gaming console is 300 bucks people make big issue out of

people don't mind spending 300 with a 2 year contract for a new iphone or more yet they cry about how expensive gaming is

and if anyone in their right mind thinks these mobile devices will kill the consoles than you are a dumm ass(thank you 70s show)

its much easier selling a game for 99c or 1.99 than 60 bucks at launch

and you can jail break anything apple related and get everything for free

i even forgot what my point was lol

egidem2612d ago

It's because of brand royalty and apple's growing popularity. Steve Jobs is Lord to them and because of this HUGE and growing fanbase, you can be sure that anything Apple releases WILL sell.

Bolts2612d ago

More people need smart phones than they need a dedicated gaming machines and Apple mobile products sell very well each year is because of they're great. You don't get this kind of brand loyalty for being subpar and low quality.

I've been looking for a good iPhone alternative because I'm tired of the small screen, but there isn't one. Android fragmentation sucks and all the best apps are on the iPhone.

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rabidpancakeburglar2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

The day that devices like the ipad replace consoles as a proper gaming medium, I will cast off technology and live in a rainforest.

DA_SHREDDER2613d ago

lol, really? So when consoles come in the form of tablets that you can either play in your hand or on your tv you won't play games anymore? If thats the case then I have a hard time believing your a true gamer. The ps4 could very well be a phone that does everything an Alienware laptop could do for all I care. If it has good games, it could run windows 12 and I would be doing nothing but reaping the rewards.

Just thinking about something that has current higher end pc specs in a tab or phone platform makes my mind tingle in happiness. Why are their always critics that wanna slow things down? Keep your ps3 and 360, don't buy a 3DS. If thats the case why are you people always in these articles?

egidem2612d ago

You're not getting the point. He's not going to abandon everything and pack head to the nearest, I'm not going to bother explaining.

Tony-Red-Grave2613d ago

il join you on your quest brother let us both become forest shaman on that day

rabidpancakeburglar2613d ago

Okay but if tribal disputes occur then I reserve the right to oust you

specialguest2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Have we not learned from Nintendo that huge sales and market growth usually dictates the next trend in the video game industry direction? The Wii took a huge gamble on motion gaming and won. Sony & MS later played follow the leader.

Now tablets with Apple as the company leading the way seems to be an unstoppable force taking the video game industry on a ride with it. "Real" games are starting to be developed for the ipad. The only thing that separates a tablet from a console are the lack of a physical controller. Well guess what? There are bluetooth controllers that can be used on tablets now.

The next wave of consoles could very well be a tablet with physical controllers. Just imagine a console that is thin and powerful, can be hooked up to your tv, but the one difference is it can be taken anywhere with you and played on due to the built-in display.

gcolley2613d ago

nintendo did not win anything, the race is not over. they just run their race early but have now run out of steam.

the thing that sets the console apart from tablets is the power. go on cram that power into a tablet, by the time that happens the console will be more powerful than you could ever imagine. unless it has a nintendo badge on it.

madjedi2612d ago

No they will likely be streamlined versions of the ps3/360 models(not exactly the same but in the same overall ballpark), a built in screen i seriously doubt it.

It would make the price too high, and these cards in a tiny form like that, sounds iffy. I'll grant you the cooler running cores, i don't think it's cost effective yet, maybe when the next wave of electronics using more advanced materials or manufacturing techniques.

We need to shift away from traditional silicon based electronics to some of the other potential canidates/methods, graphene has some interesting properties in certain applications.

specialguest2612d ago

What I meant by won was that they found immense success with the risk they took with motion gaming. Even if I meant otherwise, there is realistcally no way the ps3/360 could catch up. As of june 2011 the wii is sitting comfortably at 87mil, while 360(2nd place) is ay 55mil.

Tony-Red-Grave2613d ago

if that happens i reserve the right to become one with the woods and control tree folk becoming their leader and taking over the rainforest.

vyke32613d ago

ill become Raleigh like you, lol.

Bolts2612d ago

There won't be any rainforest left by then.

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Bigpappy2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

BS. Console gamers and Ipad gamers are completely different animals. They do not compete.

Looks like EA's CEO and the writer of the article have no idea who console gamers are.

Gunshot2613d ago

5 years ago, I would have agreed with you, but things are changing.

Ult iMate2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I think Bigpappy ment core-console gamers. I would never change a handheld console for an iPhone in terms of gaming.

just_sayin2613d ago

Alot of those games r priced like at what no more than $5. Give me a game like Uncharted,Geow,hell any console game on ipod then we'll talk

fluffydelusions2613d ago

I'd rather an android tablet than an ipad.

AntsPai2613d ago

You're clearly deluded... and really cuddly

Btw I agree with you ^^

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