Japan's CERO revokes A rating for Atelier Meruru, publisher halts shipments

Japanese gamers hoping to pick up a copy of Atelier Meruru, the latest role-playing game from Gust are going home empty handed, after the publisher halts shipments.

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CrescentFang2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Rating is now B (12 and up) lol
I blame loli Rorona! *hides*
EDIT: lol okay so I think it's because of the transparent bug and from what I've seen (can't read Japanese) a trip to the hots springs! I guess it's too revealing haha for kids. No swimsuit event though... tbh I can't believe CERO missed the osen scene lol

I'm still waiting for the news on the Tales of Xillia hot springs :( lol

Darkseeker2615d ago

What kind of ratings does japan have?

CrescentFang2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Does this help?

(Wait do I need to type more, so the system doesn't think I'm typing spam?)
EDIT: Okay so I did lol

zerocrossing2615d ago

So it is coming out now? Im looking forward to Atelier Totori and I know Im gonna want to get Atelier Meruru after I finish it ^^

Deadman_Senji2615d ago

Wow it went from E to T. Ain't that just fucking special? Oh no the children under 12 might see.....swimsuits.

Remember when Japan didn't give a shit? What happened to that?

Knushwood Butt2615d ago

Expect sales to double when the newly rated version is released.