3DS Crisis: Only Games Will Save Nintendo

MMGN: Nintendo is desperate. The unprecedented price drop for the 3DS, after just four months on-sale, is a clear indication they are lost and confused. They are in a crisis not experienced since the disastrous Virtual Boy experiment, but this time nobody saw it coming.

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Best2488d ago

Sony should learn from nintendo and make a 3D PSP.

Venox20082487d ago

I think if they made it, it would cost twice more, because now 3D screen isn't cheap thing

hellerphant2488d ago

I think it's a lot more than just games. Combination of the mobile market dominance, 3D confusion, launch price. Consoles have sold well in the months proceeding launch without strong titles. The market just isn't the same anymore.

Canary2487d ago

Yes, the failure of the 3DS is due to many factors... but at the moment, the chief factors responsible are price and library.

As a general rule of thumb, a handheld should NEVER cost more than a console of the same generation. That's simply never going to work.

In terms of games, the 3DS is awful. The best game on the system is a port: it currently has hardly any first-party support, and even less third-party support. The reason for the success of the DS (and the Wii and the SNES, for that matter) was the support of third-party developers and publishers.

If the N64, Gamecube or Xbox have taught us anything, it's that gaming consoles simply cannot survive, let alone thrive, without the support of independent publishers and developers. The days of first-party-behemoths dictating the fate of their own platforms died out with the Genesis: Nintendo, as is usually the case, needs to realize that the gaming industry has changed dramatically over the past two decades.

Also, to your list, I would say poor advertising and consumer backlash are bigger factors than mobile gaming: dedicated handheld gaming platforms are simply NOT in direct competition with mobile devices. Not yet, at least.

Though, come to think of it, I'd kill to be able to play SNES/N64/PS1/etc. games on an iPad.

jacksheen00002488d ago

every console/hand held ever released sales successfully when it first comes out; which is nothing new. Now for those who bought the 3DS during the honeymoon stage, will spread the word to their families and friend; which determines the success of a console/ hand held in the long run. So being that the 3DS lack the games, they will have to do what ever it takes to make the 3DS a success simply because people won't forget the bad experience they had with the 3DS; which could make 3DS owners lost their trust in the Wii U.

Pozzle2487d ago

Well, obviously games will help. Nobody's going to buy a new console if it doesn't have any decent games.

charmer2487d ago

only sony fanboys and nintendo haters would say something stupid like that......nintendo company are geniuses...whAt are you going to be playing on your ps vita...uncharted thats on the ps3.../ silly