Yet Another Gaming Show Episode 255 – The Placement Of Sausages

The proper alignment of cased meats is an important factor in podcasting, don’t let the Leo Laportes and Giant Bombs of the world tell you different.

A slightly larger, some would say husky, show this week, as the gang returns from a week off filled with Bastions, Comic-Cons, and apparently things ending in wurst. Ashley gives her wrapup on the events in Sandy Egg-Oh, another flavor of which can be found on our BRAND NEW TUMBLRDOODLE. Mike love/hates on EA Sport, Evan that games are too hard for his precious little snowflake self, and Ian just calmly provides information and insight. What is he planning?

We also talk about our Extra Life drive, for which details will be coming as they become apparent. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pledge your support now!

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