Bastion Stream Tonight @ 9:30pm/EST | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "Tonight at 9:30pm/EST Corey will be playing Bastion live on GameBlurb (((On Air))). This is the first play through and we will be completing the game on the stream over the next week or so. So be sure to check out the stream and remember to follow us on so you know when we are live."

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MicrocutsX22613d ago

I've seriously wanted to see someone play this. It looks pretty good. I wish had the money lol.

DankJemo2613d ago

this will be an interesting bit to watch. I hear good things about this game.

Gordo7892613d ago

excited to watch this tonight.

yamzilla2613d ago

put this on steam already!!

i want to play it in hd !!

i have come sooo close to buying it on 360.... but i really prefer true 1080p on a 55" screen

720p looks so....meh!