3DS price cut brings 'loss of fan trust' fear at Nintendo

MMGN writes: Nintendo has expressed concern about a potential backlash from customers that bought a 3DS in the four months prior to yesterday's price cut.

"Never in Nintendo's history have we dropped a system's trade price so significantly less than six months after launch," the company said in a statement.

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tunaks12487d ago

"fear of 'loss of fan trust' at Nintendo"

maybe Nintendo should check out operation rainfall.

OlvaR2487d ago

yeah first people whine about the price, then when the price drops people are lossing trust over nintendo....go figure.

air12487d ago

when compared to vita, the 3ds price was very high.

nintendo.... like every one else, when they get to the top of their game and have a huge following,they get greedy.

tiffac2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Agreed, I was really surprise that Ninty didn't learn anything to what happened to them years ago when the Playstation took over or with Sony during this generation.

beast242tru2487d ago

its no lost of trust people will always buy nintendo stuff i jus think the system was overpriced it looks feels and plays just like a ds with exception of the (one) analog which should have been there a long time ago also the price cut is in fear of the vita which imo is a wayyyyyyyyy better value and its priced to compete with the 3ds sorry nintendo need to go harder now a days stop being so cheap and go all out with ur sh*ts

air12487d ago

i know.. nintendo always goes on the cheap but want top dollar.

not only that but vita looks ssooooo much better than 3ds..

nintendo needs to get away from that design already..

Dwalls11712487d ago

Well not really..if you remember gamecube was a huge failure...
People have a short memory nintendo success started in 2006 before that they sucked..and now if their not careful they can go back to that

StarWolf2487d ago

nah i dont really care. more people to play with. more 3rd party support. 20 games is cool. I got a 25 dollar credit from amazon last month for it so it didnt hurt that bad. Its business. I got a PS3 for 599 and was happy to play R:FOM

mcstorm2487d ago

I agree with you. Yes the 3DS may of been over priced but more or less everyting in this world is over prices. Look at Apple stuff for example. I was happy to pay thee price for my 3DS and Nintendo givimg me 20 free games is a + to me. Plus with a price drop and the add that was on UK tv last night you should start seeing the 3DS sales start to pickup. The biggest problem with the 3DS was people were thinking it was the 3rd version of the DS not a 3D device. The add I saw last night finished saying this is not another DS its a new console called 3DS. Once people start to see game like zelda res metal gear mario mario kart ect ds sales will start to drop and 3DS sales will pickup.

I do think on paper the PSV is the better device butI think what Nintendo offer in terms of games make the 3DS console the devie for me.

swinesucker2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

On paper and with games the Vita is a better device. Nintendo bit the bullet here and released an underpowered 1 stick crap device that appeals to gimmicky teens with money to spend. It's not going to do nearly as well as the last and it deserves what it gets. Nintendo needs to start innovating again or their gimmicks are going to plummet to the bottom.

mcstorm2486d ago

I have to disagree with you here i dont think the 3ds is under powered at all. Look are res or mgs to show off what it can do. Ok its not as powerful as the psv but power dose not mean anything with a console. Ps1 ps2 wii were all the best selling of there gens and were less powerful than the other consoles. Its been the same with the hand held market too. The psv looks a good bit of kit just like the psp was but i just dont think sony have enough there game wase to out sell the 3ds. I see the psv selling better than the psp did but i still see the 3ds out selling it.

Kee2487d ago

They'll get more fans by putting the price down. I think that's what they were counting on...

Muffins12232487d ago

they are only doing it because ngp is coming out and is way more advance than 3ds and is being sold at similar price..

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