Mass Effect 3 Galaxy Map Analysis

Two screenshots that were taken from the official stream reveal possible developers plans to allow players to re-visit Eden Prime, Terra Nova and Noveria in Mass Effect 3 video game.

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MasterD9192613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I can't wait to explore the rest of the galaxy...One of my favorite things to do in ME2 was explore the galaxy and distant planets.

Don't confuse that with planet scanning though which was the most inefficient thing I've possibly ever seen since a dail-up connection. You can travel the galaxy in seconds but it takes you 2 hours to get a full inventory bar of Iridium.

strange19862613d ago

I guess I'm one of the few people who found the planet scanning completely tolerable. I didn't really mind it overall, especially with that sweet galaxy map music playing in the background. 'Uncharted Worlds' and 'New Worlds' are two of my favorite tracks from the soundtracks - I'll be seriously pissed if they change the space exploration music for the third one.

MasterD9192613d ago

It was just tedious.

It wasn't very rewarding with what you would locate on those planets but scanning them and finding a signal which then allowed you to travel there was awesome!

I think the abstract space music is key for any Mass Effect game. I would only expect greatness for Mass Effect 3's soundtrack.

strange19862613d ago


Yeah I always loved hearing "anomaly detected." I thought it was pretty rad how you scanned and found them like that.

I agree about it not being particularly rewarding overall, as well. Being able to uncover random goodies would be awesome. I guess once they got rid of the loot system altogether it wouldn't really work too well. Lame.

Cpt_kitten2613d ago

wonder if the planets are gonna be even less open now than mass effect 2? run to the battle zone in mass effect 2, 3 is gonna just drop you in the battle zone....why explore when you can dudebro shoot everything?

SageHonor2612d ago

WOW... Thats alot of different locations. God I cant wait for this!