Time Warner Cable Customers Can Now Use ESPN3 On Xbox Live

RipTen - When ESPN3 was announced for Xbox LIVE many sports fans were ecstatic. However there was a large group of fans who were left with nothing but frustration and disappointment. While Time Warner Cable and Bright House customers could access the still access the app, live streaming for current games were disabled.

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xPhearR3dx2549d ago

Friggin took them long enough. Kept hearing "coming soon" for the past 10 damn months.

TurismoGTR2549d ago

This is great news for 360 gamers, Im actually a supporter of a team from another state so if ESPN doesn't cover it.. ESPN 3 will.

Bigpappy2549d ago

Great for TW customers. Now how do I get this on Optimum (Cablevision)?

BX812549d ago

I have cable america and they don't live stream either.

gypsygib2549d ago

Live is a rip off in Canada, all the 'extras' we're forced to pay for we don't get. That's probably why PS3 is more popular in Canada.

I imagine a lot of Europe gets ripped off too with Live's complete lack of, but still charged-for features, which is probably why PS3 is more popular in Europe as well.

America and no one else eh MS. F you.

gypsygib2549d ago

VINNIEPAZ, You must be a rocket scientist, how ever did you deduce that I'm unsatisfied with paying more than Americans for Live, while getting a fraction of the services.

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