Nintendo Will Lose Money On Each 3DS Sold

Unlike its competitors Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has avoided the practice of selling its hardware for less than it costs to produce in order to build an install base -- until now. According to a report from Bloomberg Japan, the newly announced price drop of the 3DS will make the handheld a loss leader for Nintendo.

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Kamikaze1352462d ago

I'd rather have Nintendo lose money than me lose money whenever I decide to buy a 3DS.

miyamoto2462d ago

but you still will lose money when you buy a 3DS or anything for that matter

Kamikaze1352461d ago

Thanks for the information, captain obvious, but I'm saving money with this price drop.

Foxgod2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

not really, youre still losing money, price drop or not.


gamingdroid2461d ago

The issue with that is, profits elsewhere has to fuel this loss until it turns a profit. Nothing comes for free, unlike what the socialst wants you to believe.

Kamikaze1352461d ago

Exactly. Although Nintendo is losing money on each 3DS sale, they'll make it back with all of the games, especially the first party games coming out.

A lot of gamers are blind to this fact and think it's only right for Nintendo get charge insanely high prices for outdated tech. I'm looking forward to buying a 3DS and the new price is great for me. Now instead of spending $250 to get a 3DS, I can spend $250 on a 3DS along with 2-3 used games.

Venjense2461d ago

You realize that you just said Nintendo will make back the loss in game sales but you plan on getting used games....none of that money will go to Nintendo.

Tito082461d ago

@ Kamikaze135 Nintendo doesn't profit from used games, none of the companies including 3rd parties profit from used game sales, that's why Gamestop makes a lot of money out of used games and accessories, why do you think that online pass thing is still going on these days, it's to combat used game sales!!!!

fatstarr2461d ago

dont beleive the hype the 3ds costs 150 max to make. they will be fine once it starts selling like hotcakes and they are making 100% profit on every ds and wii sold. everything will all work out this has sparked many to buy a 3ds.

a_bro2462d ago

wow, thats kinda crazy, what a change in philosophy right there.

Knushwood Butt2461d ago

Yeah, it wasn't long ago that Nintendo were bragging that they don't take a hit on the hardware.

Shackdaddy8362462d ago

Every person that buys a 3DS will most likely buy a game too so I bet they will maintain profit either way (It cant be that much of a loss seeing that they priced it higher than they would have in the first place)

miyamoto2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

a loss is still a loss no matter how you want to sugar coat it, shack.

brand loyalty & fanboyism some time screws up kids way of thinking. very sad.

Les-Grossman2461d ago

That is what Nintendo gets for launching the 3DS with no games people wanted

Venjense2461d ago

So true, I think the lack of games (Zelda remKe is great and all but no killer app) hurt sales more than the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.