Two new partnerships for Double Fusion

In-game ads for Kuma\War, Project Torque, among others.

Double Fusion has entered into in-game advertising partnerships with Kuma Games and Aeria Games for their free-to-play titles.

The multi-year agreement with Kuma covers original titles such as Kuma\War and DinoHunters as well as television-based properties such as Dogfights and Shootout! for the History Channel and The Kill Point for Spike TV.

"Our partnership with Kuma Games adds to the variety of titles and the broad reach we can offer advertisers," said Jonathan Epstein, president and CEO of Double Fusion.

"The unique value of Kuma's games is that many of them have content rooted in existing TV shows from The History Channel and Spike TV, which have large fan bases. Through Kuma's games, marketers can reach to the core gamer, and well beyond."

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